Andrew Veselsky

Love yourself, love your brother. Don’t just love the world around you, make love to it. Experience its laughter and Joy, its lifts and falls. Bleach skin and soul loafing in the sun and stain the soles of your feet upon the grass. Love my family…. I’ll love yours. Read great men and forever feel their breath on your shoulder. Hear the songs of great woman and forever carry the beat in your heart. Ease and lean at your pleasure, smile at the wind and caress the cold. Watch the stars move across the water and ripple time. Let your time not be their time. Move it yourself, let it steep and swirl at your ankles. Have pride, be proud of it. Be humble, for your own sake. Create. Create art, create connects, create love, make a life. Go now. Do what your heart commands you and don’t be afraid to glance back.

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240