The Cigarette War

Drew Noffs


Twenty sticks versus a hundred and fifty pupils

Poisonous plots pool thoughts that shed scruples;
Five bucks for markers, chalk and paperclips,
Or spend it towards darker sickly self-maintenance.
Smell as you wish to with scents that are thought-through
Or reek like stale ash as the smokes seeping in do
Making examples in an effort to guide
Beats burning stress sucking formaldehyde,
but a nerve-wracking knack of nicotine chat to the relapsed reactors in head habitat
shatter repose and seek to expose my addicted mind-home to its stimulant weakness.
It's no help that hectic erratic eclectics experiment with best-fit-put-me-to-shame-practices
and it's straining to try and keep up.
A consumption reduction -- cutting down, functioning sans neurotoxins
excluding a few daily neural injuctions seems much more possible right now.

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