Release the Kraken

Robert Okroi


Beneath a cage of crumpled blue, it stirred.
Interlocked jaws of bronze r u m b l i n g as they part;
freeing the monster that lurked beyond the glint of metal.
Five calloused soldiers, joined together, invade the cell
surrounding, securing, dragging the flaccid legend to the light.
Upon this day the unholy beast is unleashed
to lay waste upon a porcelain throne.
Mightily forth it spewed its majestic golden stream,
A soothing “Aaah” upon the tune of crashing waves.
Choking and dribbling the creature’s split head was shook.
And hastily towed back towards its prison, but alas….
Snapping jaws of the denim’s portal closed far too soon,
nipped was the wrinkled neck of the scream inducing serpent.
Soprano banshee wails echoed from linoleum walls
As came the panicked, scream of “Oh ye god! Thy balls!”


Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240