Allison Leja


A limb on the left side of the body located below the abdominal section; it is attached to the knee and the ankle to be followed by the foot below that. The Tibia is connected by a series of muscle tissues and joints to the skeleton. It is white in color as an x-ray would show. This specific Tibia is angry though; it is mad at me. It is mad at me for over exerting it’s line of duty for the body. It’s job is to keep the body stable, and to transport the body where it needs to go. But I pushed it too hard. This angry feeling towards me is because I wanted it to move in the way that a pure breed horse being entered into the Kentucky Derby would need to move; or the way a cheetah’s tibia would move to catch a gazelle in the African plains. My Tibia needed a rest, a break, but I was thinking of only myself and not understanding that it was tired. One day it had enough. I was making it run too often and too hard. I went out for the 10 mile run that March afternoon, and that is when the Tibia fought back. A pain, like a porcupines needles stabbing me just below my knee. It was a sneaky Tibia, you see. I blamed my knee for all this pain. I went to the doctors with my pains, and they said my knee was perfectly fine, but yet I limped and walked like a pimp with a cane. I walked on the Tibia for 6 weeks like that. It must have gotten tired of the pressure I was putting on it and not catching on to its cruel tricks earlier so it stuck me again; this time it was right above my ankle. The doctor gave me a diagnosis, two stress fracture for over use, and crutches. The Tibia got what it wanted in the end; a break.

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