Stephanie Machotka


Knock, Knock? Who’s there? Death. Death who? Death motherfucker! now let’s go I’m late for my next appointment.


Get busy living or get busy dying. As death I feel this inspirational bullshit is just another way to remind people that, Hey, You’re gonna die! *Gives a Thumbs Up* Because you can get busy living all you want my friend, but I’ll see yah in the end however which way you wanna go. And everyone wants to go peacefully I know, I know. Old, feeble, in their beds. After a couple years of slowly losing control of their bodily functions, forgetting their kid’s name, and even forgetting their own name. But sometimes death isn’t peaceful, but hey I’m just following the list! And while we’re on the topic, please don’t make me come retrieve you after a nasty suicide. Throwing yourselves off of buildings, in front of cars, trains, busses, a shot gun to the face, really? You people really take the “get busy dying” part pretty literally. Which really sucks because I hate having to play hide and seek with your soul, tip toeing around a pile of what used to be your body. Have some compassion! Take a bottle of pills or hang yourself or something. That’s a lot easier to look at. And don’t get all mopey with me, yeah I’ve seen soldiers torn apart by grenades, burnt bodies of faulty wired apartment complexes, even seen a couple of bear attacks in my day. But let me tell yah, it’s a whole lot worse when I know that you actually did that shit intentionally.


Knock, knock? Who’s there? Death…..Death!....Hello? I said Death was here. I’m here waiting outside of whatever the hell it is you made me knock on….son of a bitch, get back here!! You can’t escape the inevitable!

And here lies so and so, brother/daughter/cousin/friend/teacher/twice removed
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