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Kristi McDuffie

Doctoral Student
Rhetoric and Composition, Digital Writing, Race Rhetorics

Office Address: STV 201A
Office Phone: 309-438-8077
Office Hours: W 11-12:30
Email: Contact Kristi McDuffie (kmcduff)
Website: Visit Kristi McDuffie’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
ENG145.131Writing Business & Government Organizations   
Teaching Interests:
Composition, Rhetorical Theory, Multimodal Composition, Professional Writing, Race Theory, Digital Writing, and Social Media
Research Interests:
Digital writing and rhetoric, race and whiteness theory and rhetoric, and composition and critical pedagogy
Illinois State University PhD Candidate (concentration in Rhetoric and Composition)
Eastern Illinois University M.A. English (concentration in Rhetoric and Composition)
University of Illinois B.S. Finance 2003
Selected Publications:
"Color-Blind Rhetoric in Obama's 2008 'Race Speech': The Appeal to Whiteness and the Disciplining of Rhetoric."  Haunting Whiteness: Rhetorics of Whiteness in a 'Post-Racial' Era. Ed. Tammie M. Kennedy, Joyce Irene Middleton, and Krista Ratcliffe. Forthcoming.

"The 'Hispanic' Race Debate: Limitations of the Term in an Orlando School Board Controversy." Xchanges 9.1 (2013).

"Technology and Models of Literacy in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction." Brave New Teenagers:  Contemporary YA Dystopias. Ed. Carrie Hintz, Balaka Basu, and Kate Broad. New York: Routledge, 2013. 145-156.

"Helping Students Negotiate Dialects in the Writing Center." The Writing Lab Newsletter 34.9-10 (2010): 14-15.

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