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Susan Burt


Office Address: STV 421 A
Office Phone: (309) 438-7840
Office Hours:

M 2-2:50 & F 11-11:50

Email: Contact Susan Burt (smburt)
Website: Visit Susan Burt’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
ENG243.01The Grammatical Structure of English M W F 10:00 - 10:50STV 0220
ENG243.02The Grammatical Structure of English M W F 13:00 - 13:50STV 0220
ENG440.01Studies in English Linguistics M W F 09:00 - 09:50STV 0220
Teaching Interests:
Grammar (and Pragmatics), Pragmatic Issues in Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics (and Bilingualism), History of English, Language ideologies
Research Interests:
Intercultural Pragmatics: Language Choice, Speech Act Realization, Politeness Theories

Language Shift
Ph.D. University of Illinois, Linguistics, 1986

M.A. University of Illinois, Linguistics, 1979

B.A. Bryn Mawr College, magna cum laude, 1973
Selected Publications:

The Hmong Language in Wisconsin: Language Shift and Pragmatic Change.  Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen  Press.  (2010)

“Documentation of pragmatics and metapragmatics: Language shift and pragmatic change in the Hmong  language in Wisconsin.”  In Grenoble, Lenore, and Louanna Furbee (eds.), Language Documentation: Practices and Values, pp. 241-252.  Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (2010)

“Naming, Re-Naming and Self-Naming Among Hmong-Americans.”  In Names: A Journal of Onomastics 57,4:236-245. (2009)

“Contact Pragmatics: Requests in Wisconsin Hmong.”  In JSEALS (Journal of South East Asian Linguistics Society ) 1: 63-76.  (2009).

“Sociolinguistics as a lens for viewing English Studies or Wearing my ever-lovin’, ever-changin’ heart on my sleeve.”  In Ostergaard, L., J. Ludwig and J. Nugent (eds.) Transformation and Preservation in English Studies: New Voices in an Emerging Genre, pp. 43-52.  (2009).

"‘Hmoob Boy Meets Hmong Girl’: Orthographic Codeswitching in a Playscript." The Minne TESOL/WITESOL Journal  23: 1-13. (2006)

with Hua Yang. “Growing Up Shifting: Immigrant Children, Their Families and the Schools.” Language in the Schools: Integrating Linguistic Knowledge into K-12 Teaching. Eds. Kristin Denham and Anne Lobeck. Mahwah. NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 29-39. (2005).

“How to Get Rid of Unwanted Suitors: Advice from Hmong-American Women of Two Generations.” Journal of Politeness Research 1,2: 219-36. (2005)

“Solicitudes in American English.”   International Journal of Applied Linguistics 13:1,  pp. 78-95,  (2003).

“Maxim Confluence. ”  Journal of Pragmatics 34:8, pp.  993-1001, (August 2002).

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