Department of English at Illinois State University

Proficiency Credit

Writing Program courses are not designed as a “proficiency” courses because we focus on methods for researching and learning how to produce writing in multiple, distinct situations. However, the Writing Program will occasionally make exceptions for students (usually transfer students) who have already completed a wide range of writing at the college level.

The university has policies regarding proficiency exams, You should review these policies before seeking proficiency credit.

The Proficiency Portfolio

For students with the appropriate level of writing experience, a proficiency credit for English 101 or English 145 can be earned through the submission of a writing portfolio that shows a range of experience with college-level writing.  This portfolio should include at least five or six different writing projects, for different types of courses. Writing in the portfolio might additionally include writing related to work or social settings that illustrates mastery of a range of genres writing situations. The portfolio should also include materials that demonstrate experience with peer editing or collaboration, analysis, revision, academic documentation and citation. Finally, portfolios must include the following cover pages.

English 101 Proficiency Portfolio Cover Page

English 145 Proficiency Portfolio Cover Page

Administrators in the Writing Program will evaluate the portfolio and notify the student of their decision within one week.


For More Informtion

Student interested in the Portfolio Proficiency process should contact Nancy McKinney, the Assistant Program Director:

Nancy McKinney
Assistant Director of the Writing Program
Office: 133B Stevenson
Phone: 438-3396
(e-mail Nancy McKinney)