Department of English at Illinois State University

University Writing Resources

The following links are among only a few of the university resources available to students who are taking first-year writing courses.

University Guidelines

Community Rights and Responsibilities

These pages include the university guidelines for student behavior, which are also the guidelines for behavior in Writing Program Courses.

Learn more about Community rights and Responsibilities.

University Policies on Academic Dishonesty

Part of the university guidelines for student behavior, the resources on Academic Dishonesty offer specific policies for academic work.

Learn more about University Policies on Academic Dishonesty.



The Julia N. Visor Center

The Julia N. Visor Academic Center is a division of University College that provides services and programs designed to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Illinois State University.

Milner Library

ENG 101 Library page
This resource include a range of materials useful for students in ENG 101.

Disability Concerns

Student Counseling Services

ISU Police Department