Department of English at Illinois State University

FAQ: English Graduate Program Assistantships

What types of assistantships exist for students within the department?

The department tries to offer 20-hour/week teaching assistants to Ph.D. students. These assistantships are typically teaching composition courses, although occasionally we offer students opportunities to teach creative writing, technical writing, linguistics, or various types of literary and cultural studies.

Master's students are typically offered 10 hour/week teaching assistantships in the freshman writing program.

Some assistantships may be available to both Master's and Ph.D. students in the English Language Institute and the Publications Unit.

Illinois State University allows graduate students to work 20 hours/week on campus; thus, Ph.D. students are working the maximum amount of hours they are allowed to work for the University. However, it is possible for Master's students to find other employment at the University for an additional 10 hours/week.

To read more about assistantships, visit the Department of English Assistantships page or visit ISU's Graduate School Assistantships page.

How do I apply for an assistantship? When should I apply for an assistantship?

You should apply for an assistantship once you have been admitted into the English Department and received your University Identification number from the University.

You can apply for an assistantship online by using the link to the online application on the English Department's Graduate Assistantship page.

In addition to applying for an assistantship, you may also want to apply for a tuition waiver, which entails checking a box on the online application.

Can students get assistantships outside of the English Department?

Many graduate students, both Ph.D. and Master's, have gotten assistantships outside of the English Department. Students in the Master's in Writing program particularly have had very good experiences working as writers, editors, information designers, and usability analysts for units on campus.

The ISU Jobs System offers a regularly updated list of available graduate assistantships from across the University; many assistantships allow graduate students from any department to apply.

What type of training do teaching assistants in the English Department receive?

The Writing Program at ISU prides itself on its multi-faceted professional development program for writing instructors. For more information, contact the Writing Program.