Department of English at Illinois State University

Frequently Asked Questions about the English Graduate Program

Below are some of the questions asked by graduate students and prospective graduate students.

For additional information about the resources that are available to English Department graduate students, see our Graduate Student Resources page.

Applying to the Graduate Program

  • What are the admission deadlines?
  • How are applicants selected?
  • How can I schedule a campus visit?
  • What sections of the GRE should I take?
  • What materials do international students need to submit with their applications?

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Graduate Assistantships

  • What types of assistantships are available?
  • When should I apply for an assistantship?
  • Are there assistantships available outside of the English Department?

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Life as a Graduate Student in the English Department


  • How/when should I choose an advisor?
  • Should I enroll full or part-time?
  • Course numbers/class size?

Department Support

  • Travel support?
  • Support programs?
  • Job mentoring?

University Services

  • Disability Services?
  • Childcare?
  • Insurance?
  • University Housing?
  • Teaching Support?

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