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The Graduate Certificate in TESOL

The graduate certificate in TESOL is an option for current Illinois State University graduate students in a variety of degree programs who intend to teach English to speakers of other languages. This sequence of courses will provide graduate students an exposure to the fundamental topics of language description, the grammatical description of English, second language acquisition, and cultural-pragmatic or sociolinguistic aspects of language contact and second language acquisition, all of which are necessary for effective ESL/EFL teaching. This program does not certify teachers to teach K-12 in the state of Illinois.

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Certificate Courses

The graduate certificate in TESOL requires 15 hours of course work selected from the following:

  • ENG 341: Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics
  • ENG 342: Sociolinguistics OR ENG 343: Cross-Cultural Aspects in TESOL
  • ENG 344: TESOL - Theoretical Foundations
  • ENG 394: TESOL Practicum
  • ENG 441: The Linguistic Structure of English for TESOL Professionals

Typical Plan of Study

  • Fall Semester 1: ENG 341
  • Spring Semester 2: ENG 344 (in addition, the student may choose ENG 343)
  • Fall Semester 3: ENG 441 (in addition, the student may choose ENG 342)
  • Spring Semester 4: Any additional classes not yet completed.

How do I start the Certificate?

If you meet the requirements, follow the procedure on the Graduate Certificate in TESOL Admissions page.

If you have specific questions about the registration process, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in English Dr. Christopher De Santis.

How do I complete the TESOL Certificate?

In addition to 16 hours of coursework, you complete the graduate certificate in TESOL by doing the following:

Where can I get more information?

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in TESOL, contact:

For information about the Graduate Program, contact Dr. K. Aaron Smith, Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

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