Department of English at Illinois State University

Professional Opportunities: The Graduate Forum


Graduate Forum is an event hosted monthly by the Graduate Forum Committee, a group of annually elected graduate students in the English Department.  The goal of Graduate Forum is to provide students with an opportunity to partake in a wide range of discussions regarding program policies, university policies, and professional development opportunities.  Forums are hosted by a variety of graduate students and faculty and are open to all graduate students.

For more information about the Graduate Forum, contact any of the Forum co-chairs or K. Aaron Smith, Coordinator of Graduate Studies.


2013/2014 Graduate Forum Committee Members

  • Niall Nance-Carroll Chair
  • Danielle Cochran
  • Michelle Wright
  • Chamere Poole
  • Frank Macarthy
  • Irene Taylor
  • Shelby Ragan
  • Evan Syverson
  • Michael Wollitz
  • Laura Skoken
  • Francesco Lovato
  • Eric Longfellow
  • Jeff Higgins
  • Josette Lorig


Graduate Forum Events


November 15
The November forum will be about internships and will feature a panel of graduate students at various stages of the internship process.

January 17
The January forum will feature a panel of professors and graduate students talking about teaching and will tentatively focus on cultural studies.

Both events will be held from 4-5 pm in STV401.