Department of English at Illinois State University

Site History

Most recent redesign launched July 22, 2009.

Our Thanks!

Over the years a number of people have contributed to the English Department's website. We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their work.
If you do not see your name listed and you have helped with the site, please contact us.

People who have worked on the English web site:

  • Godwin Aboka
  • Lee Brasseur
  • Kymberly Diekhoff
  • Martha Friedburg
  • Ryan Gray
  • John Hunt
  • Jim Kalmbach
  • Ryan Klos
  • Rob Koehler
  • Sue Martin
  • Robert McLaughlin
  • Kyle Mattson
  • Mike Miller
  • Jan Neuleib



We are also indebted to the following students and staff who participated in focus group and usability testing of the English web site in the spring of 2009:

Godwin Aboka, Steven Barcus, Carn Begeschke, Rylie Carter, Kenneth Earl, David Lawrence, Brooklynn Lehner, Marie Moeller, Diana Prince, Becky Straple, Irene Taylor, Nicole Teuschler, Emily Voss, and Alan Williams.

  • Badri Rajagopalan
  • Ben Rappleyea
  • Michelle Scannicchio
  • Diane Smith
  • Becky Straple
  • Irene Taylor
  • Jordan Thompson
  • Sarah Walczynski
  • Bill Weakly
  • Ben Wiegel
  • Alan Williams
  • Han Yu







The early years:

1994 version of website

The English department set up its first web server in 1994 and supported a variety of webpages from 1994-2000. Common to most of these sites was this image of a monk at a keyboard, our logo in those early years.