Application for 2013 ISWP Summer Institute/Workshop

Normal Institute: (June 17 to July 11, 2013)

Please Note: Due to high demand, the focus of the 2013 Summer Institute will have a topical focus, the design and implementation of secondary, student-staffed writing centers.  The Summer Institute will assist middle and high school teachers to envision, negotiate, and solicit resources for writing centers in their respective schools.

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The Illinois State Writing Project is a federally-funded program of professional development for teachers. Participation in the Writing Project Summer Institute requires morning and afternoon sessions for four weeks. Fellows are expected to participate in all sessions. If you anticipate any scheduling conflicts with the Institute, please explain those conflicts below:

ISU Graduate Application Fee: $40.00. Fee waived if you have received graduate credit at a Master’s level (not undergraduate or doctorate level) from ISU or you are a veteran.

Please send an electronic copy to: Dr. Julie Cheville,

Review of applications will begin February 15, 2013.