Department of English at Illinois State University

Dr. Michael Bokor Guest Alumna Speaker

The Department of English is proud to present Dr. Michael Bokor, a 2008 ISU graduate in English Studies, as our Guest Alumni Speaker for 2011.

Dr. Bokor will present "English Across Borders:  The Multi-Cultural Imperatives" on Friday, Oct. 14 at 2:00 p.m. in STV 133A.

Dr. Bokor is an assistant professor at the University of Long Island in Brooklyn. His research and his editorial work on several journals includes Language Attitudes and Performances of Native English Speakers; Role of World Englishes in (International) Technical Communication Education; Impact of Outsourcing on Technical Communication Education, Practice, and Research; Multicultural Dimensions of International Technical Communication; Globalization Studies; and Non-Western Rhetoric (The Rhetoric of the African Traditional Drum and the Rhetorical Significance of African Proverbs to African Oral Literature).

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