Department of English at Illinois State University

Department of English Celebrates Homecoming 2011

The department entered into Homecoming weekend Friday afternoon with a presentation by English Studies Alumna, Dr. Michael Bokor, who addressed undergraduate and graduate students, as well as his former professors and mentors, with the engaging talk, "English Across the Borders: The Multi-Cultural Imperatives."

Saturday saw faculty, students, and alum visiting under the English Department tent while enjoying a mid-day meal which included brats, hot dogs, and burgers. It was a brisk day as groups such as the ISU Quidditch Team, whose sponsor is our own Dr. Carol Lind, visited with department faculty, staff, students, and of course, alumnae.

Throughout the afternoon, our Chair, Dr. Joan M. Mullin, and Associate Chair, Dr. Jim Kalmbach, greeted guests which included CAS Associate Deans Dr. Sally Parry, Dr. Deb Fox, and Dr. Dagmar Budikova, who arrived straight from their walk in the Homecoming Parade.

We owe a special thank you to Mark Vegter and Angie Scott who diligently worked in the background to make this another successful event celebrating our department, its students, and its faculty.

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bokor at tent city

Michael Bokor

mullin w guests

Dr. Joan Mullin greets guests.

quiddich team

ISU Quiddich Team 2011


tent city

Visitors enjoy food and conversation under the English Department Tent.