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Jan Neuleib Presenter at Norman Mailer Gala


On Tuesday, November 8, English Department Professor Emeritus Jan Neuleib and former department professor Doug Hesse were the kickoff award presenters the Norman Mailer Center Third Annual Benefit Gala in New York City.

Dr. Hesse coordinated the judging of student fiction writing (high school, two-year college, and college) and Dr. Neuleib coordinated the judging for a new fiction contest for high school teachers recruting judges from across the United States, including English instructor Kathryn Kerr, to read and rank 620 short stories.

Guest speakers included Bill Clinton introducing Keith Richards, Mortimer Zuckerman introducing Elie Wiesel, Tina Brown introducing Gay Talese who spoke eloquently about journalism and truth, and Jonathan Demme introducing Arundhati Roy who spoke truth to power.


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Jan Neuleib