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ISU Quidditch Team Victorious at Ball State

The ISU Quidditch team, faculty advisor Dr. Carol Lind, earned the first place trophy in Ball State's Quidditch Invitational, April 2-3, 2011

Quidditch is a game based upon the Harry Potter books that sees teams fly on their brooms to put the ball through the hoop and, ultimately, to catch the snitch (a small golden winged ball). Of course, we can't fly, but we still use brooms to play. Our snitch is a person dressed in yellow who has a tennis ball in a sock hanging from their waist.

The snitch can run anywhere within the limits of the field (here at ISU, he has the freedom of the quad). While the rest of the team works on scoring and/or defending their own hoops, a chaser from each team hunts for the snitch and tries to grab the tennis ball. The game, then, is a combination of soccer, dodge ball, and flag football. In order to win, your team must make the most goals and, in most cases, catch the snitch. It's wild and wooly - lasts about 15 minutes per game - and is a lot of fun to watch and to play.

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