Department of English at Illinois State University

English Department Student Organizations at ISU Festival

Sigma Tau Delta, the English Student Association, and the Department of English hosted a table at the ISU Festival September 8. The efforts by volunteers, many of whom are pictured here, resulted in collecting $80.00 for Sigma Tau Delta's Children's Literacy Service Project.

The Sigma Tau Delta bookstore is open to the public. Paperbacks are .50 each with hardcovers and anthologies $1.00. Located in STV 410, people may browse for classics and current best-sellers donated by members of the ISU community. Call the English Dept. office at 438-3652 for available hours.

All proceeds support the purchase of books for STAR Literacy, a local children's literacy organization.

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Volunteers include Cade Boland, Kimberly Cancelliere, Olivia Centers, Dana Gleason,CJ Hamilton,Taylor Hobson, Emily Loeffler, Deidre Murphy, Katy Shamrock, Scarlett Riveria, Roxane Villagomez, Quinn Wermeling

isu noon volunteers

isu festival afternoon volunteers

isu festival rush