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Susan M. Kim

Associate Professor

Office Address: STV 420 E
Office Phone: (309) 438-7269
Office Hours: W 2-3
Email: Contact Susan Kim (smkim2)
Website: Visit Susan Kim’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
ENG241.01Growth and Structure of the English Language T R 15:35 - 16:50CVA 0147
ENG450.01Studies in Ancient Literature T 17:30 - 20:20STV 0132
LAN111.141First Year Latin (Part I) MTWR 13:00 - 13:50STV 0233
Teaching Interests:
Old English Language and Literature, Medieval Literature, History of the English Language
Research Interests:
Old English Language and Literature, Medieval Literature, History of the English Language
University of Chicago, PhD 1996
University of Chicago, MA 1986
Yale University, BA 1985
Selected Publications:


“‘If One Who Is Loved Is Not Present, A Letter May be Embraced Instead’:  Death and the Letter of Alexander to Aristotle.”  Journal of English and Germanic Philology.  109:1 (Jan. 2010).


“Monsters and the Exotic in Early Medieval England.”  With Asa Simon Mittman.  Literature Compass.  5 (Dec. 2008).



“The Exposed Body and the Gendered Blemmye:  Reading the Wonders of the East.”  With Asa Simon Mittman.  Sexuality in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, ed. Albrecht Classen. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture vol. 3.  Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2008.


“Fighting in Public:  Approaches to Team-Teaching HEL and Bridging English Studies.”  With K. Aaron Smith.  Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching 15.2 (Fall 2008). 


“‘As I Once Did With Grendel’:  Boasting and Nostalgia in Beowulf.”  Modern Philology 103.1 (August 2005):  4-27.



“The Donestre and the Person of Both Sexes.” Naked Before God:  Uncovering the Body in Anglo-Saxon England.  Ed. Benjamin Withers and Jonathan Wilcox.  Morgantown:  West Virginia University Press, 2003. 



“Bloody Signs: Circumcision and Pregnancy in the Old English Judith.” Exemplaria 11.2 (fall 1999).

 "Man-Eating Monsters and Ants as Big as Dogs.” Animals and the Symbolic in Medieval Art and Literature. Ed. Luuk Houwen. Groningen: Egbert Forsten, 1997.

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