Department of English at Illinois State University

English Department Graduate Assistants


Gina Cooke

Doctoral Student
History of Spelling/Orthographic Conventions; History of Writing; History of Spelling Instruction; Linguistics in Education/Language; Pedagogy

Office Address: STV 201 B
Office Phone: (309) 438-7240
Office Hours: R 11-12
Email: Contact Gina Cooke (gmcooke)
Website: Visit Gina Cooke’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
History and Structure of English
Etymology/Philology, Syntax
Morphology, Orthography, Phonology
Language Pedagogies
Research Interests:
History of spelling/Orthographic Conventions
History of Writing
History of Spelling Instruction
Linguistics in Education/Language Pedagogy
A.M. Linguistics, University of Chicago
B.A. Comparative Literature and Logic, Smith College
Selected Publications:

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