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Susana Rodriguez

Doctoral Student

Children's and Young Adult Literature; Women's and Gender Studies; Critical and Cultural Theory; Art as Life.

Office Address: STV 424 C
Office Phone: (309) 438-2075
Office Hours: 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. M/W and by appointment.
Email: Contact Susana Rodriguez (srodri2)
Website: Visit Susana Rodriguez’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
  • Genre studies and CHAT theory in Rhetoric and Composition.
  • Multimodal Composition and Trajectory.
  • Pop Culture and Mass Media Rhetoric.
  • Composition and New Media.
Courses taught:
ENG 145 Writing in the Academic Disciplines
ENG 101 Composition as Critical Inquiry
Research Interests:
  • Children's and Young Adult Literature, in particular the bildungsroman, patterns of adolescence, and aetonormativity. 
  • Women's and Gender Studies, especially feminist and queer theory, gender, and agency.
  • Critical and Cultural Theory, focusing on theories of cultural sustainability and materialism.
  • Fantasy, science fiction, dystopias, school stories, graphic novels, zombies, epistolary and picaresque novels, cross dressing, liminal spaces, abjection, and children's toys, media, television, and film.
  • Latin American women's art, graffiti and street art, happenings and performance art, installations, assemblages, dada, surrealism, abstract expressionism, photography, Art as Life, and Renaissance and Baroque art.
M.A., English Studies, Illinois State University
B.A., English Literature, Florida International University
B.A., Art History, Florida International University
Selected Publications:
Forthcoming, fall:  “Boy-Girls and Girl-Beasts: The Gender Paradox in C.S. Lewisʼ Chronicles of Narnia.” Ed. Lance E. Weldy. C. S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia Casebook (2012). Print.

Reprinted, “Reading Visual Texts: A Bullet For Your Arsenal.” Ed. Kristi Kohlenberg McDuffie. Grassroots Writing Research Journal, 2 (2012): 95-101. Print.

“Researching, or How I Fell in Love with Post-Its.” Ed. Brooklynn Lehner. Grassroots Writing Research Journal, 1 (2011): 95-103. Print.

“Reading Visual Texts: A Bullet For Your Arsenal.” Ed. Brooklynn Lehner. Illinois State University Writing Research Annual, 1 (2010): 63-68. Print.

“Deadly Fun: Jouissance and Carnival in Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.” Ed. Erin Frost. Polyglossia, 13.2 (2010): 5-20. Print.

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