Department of English at Illinois State University

Admission to the Second Bachelor's/Certification Only

A student who has already received a Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University or from another college or university (accredited for baccalaureate degrees by the appropriate regional accrediting association) may pursue additional study to complete the English Language Arts teacher certification requirements at Illinois State University. If you have any questions, contact one of the English Department's Academic Advisors.

Requested Materials for the Second Bachelor's/'Teacher Certification Only'

Students applying for the Second Bachelor's degree or 'Teacher Certification Only' must complete the online application for admission as a Second Bachelor’s student in English Education.

To apply for the 'Teacher Certification Only' track, students should mark the teacher certification box on the undergraduate admission application. An audit of the student’s previous work will be prepared disregarding requirements for a second degree.

Please note that students pursuing the 'Certification Only' option must meet the requirements for the teacher education major, professional education and certification that are in effect at the time of admission to the program.

There are no specified hours required beyond the granting of the first degree and no minimum senior college level hours required for 'Certification Only.'

More information on Second Bachelor's and 'Certification Only' is available from Admissions.

For detailed information about this program, please consult the Second Bachelor's/Certification Only page.