Bob Broad    


Photo Gallery


Bob, age 2, with sister Martha, age 4

With sister Martha in 1962
(Bob age 2, Martha age 4)
(Photo by Stuart Broad)


Bob with sister in 1989

With sister Martha in 1989
(Photo by Bob)


Bob graduating high school

Graduating from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, 1977


Bob graduating from college

Graduating from Connecticut College, 1981
(Photo by Lisa Pines)


Bob hiking, summer 1988

Hiking Wordsworth's Lake District with Stephen Gill of Lincoln College, Oxford University, summer 1988
(Photo by Brad Blanchette)


Bob teaching high-school English in 1989

Teaching high-school English in Washington, D.C., 1989


Bob hiking in Crete in May 2002

Hiking Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete in May 2002
(Photo by Julie Hile)

Bob in Autumn 2002

Autumn 2002: in the back yard
(Photo by Georgeann Rundblad)