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Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition Studies

Illinois State University Course Number: English 590, Section 1
Semester: Fall 2010
Instructor: Bob Broad, Professor of English
Course meeting times: Tuesdays 5:30 to 9:20 p.m.
Course meeting places: Stevenson 410 (and sometimes computer lab STV 250-E)

Course Overview

The doctoral Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition Studies invites and challenges participants to learn more about the place of rhet/comp within and among English Studies.  Each student in this class will also develop a greater understanding of how her or his distinctive scholarly and pedagogical experiences, commitments, and ambitions within English studies articulate with the sub-field of composition and rhetoric.   

Course participants will:

  1. Study the history, research, theory, and practice of rhetoric and composition and its place(s) within English Studies;
  2. Develop and complete a substantial (6000 words) scholarly research project (textual and/or empirical) that brings the knowledge and questions of rhetoric and composition studies into productive contact with their own professional interests and concerns within (and beyond) English Studies;
  3. Learn about and support the interests and projects of their fellow students; and 
  4. Strengthen their readiness for passing comprehensive exams, completing dissertations, and launching careers as English Studies intellectuals and professionals. 

Course Format

We will read books and articles about rhetoric and composition studies and about English Studies. We will write informally and formally, and share our readings, writings, resources, and ideas during and between class meetings.  

To establish a broad basis of professional knowledge regarding composition and rhetoric, course participants will compose and assemble a course portfolio presenting various texts in which they explore intersections of the history, theory, and research of rhet/comp with other aspects of English Studies--and perhaps also relevant fields beyond English Studies.  

Whenever possible, research done for this course should be linked to participants' plans for future teaching, internships, exams, dissertations, articles, books, jobs, and other professional opportunities and responsibilities. 

Child-Friendly Workplaces

I attempt to make my classes Child-Friendly Workplaces. If you are responsible for the care of a child, and you are unable to find care for that child one day, feel free to bring the child with you to class rather than missing the class due to your childcare crisis.  Please note that I intend this accommodation as exceptional and to be used in case of logistical emergencies, not as a regular thing. 

Students with Disabilities

Any student needing to arrange a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability should contact the university´┐Żs Office of Disability Concerns at 350 Fell Hall, 438-5853 (voice), 438-8620 (TTY). 

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