Portfolio Evaluation for Students Completing Professor Broad's English Education Methods Courses 
(English 295, 296, or 297)

This is Professor Broadís evaluation of the semesterís coursework completed by:

(studentís name) ________________________________________

Date of evaluation: _________________________

To help you learn and improve your work, I have already commented substantially on your projects during the semester. In this summary evaluation I will provide only brief comments--if any--on your work. My job at this point is to judge your work against the standards we have developed within our course and that I have developed during my years teaching these courses.

At this time, I am looking mainly for two things: changes in your work since I last saw it (e.g., all evidence of your writing process on major project[s], new journal entries) and a sense of how your work looks all collected in your portfolio and considered as a final and whole product. I will read the contents of your portfolio and judge each of the major elements as falling into one of five categories of quality. I use a number to represent each category of judgment: 4 = "Excellent, Outstanding"; 3 = "Good, Impressive"; 2 = "Adequate, Satisfactory"; 1 = "Poor, Unsatisfactory"; 0 (zero) = "No Credit." (Note also the correspondence between these numbers and the letter grades listed below.)

The final grade I assign to your work in the course records my synthesis of the judgments I make concerning the major elements of your work in the course. Here is the meaning that each letter grade carries for me:






Combined Grade

(process & product)


Major Research
(teaching materials, plan for classroom research, textual research, or something else)





Clinical Experiences Report
(For Eng. 296 and 297:
Plan for Classroom Research or for other Teacher Research)




Other Teaching-Related Texts
(teaching philosophy, book review, letter, autobiography, web site, responses to students' writing, etc.)




Response Journal

Quantity and quality of entries



Class Participation

Including attendance, preparation, listening, speaking, Teaching Reports, and Practice Teaching



Other Portfolio Materials

Including Preface/Introduction, Table of Contents, process documentation, responses to and support of othersí work, and organization of portfolio (use dividers!)




Grade for the course: ________