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English Department Academic Advising

The English Department at ISU is committed to helping our students through all stages of their undergraduate education, from admission to the department to graduation and beyond. Our advising process is designed to help students succeed in whatever their future may hold for them.


Spring 2015 Waitlist

Please fill out this form if you are seeking a seat in an English Department course for Spring 2015.

We will look at all requests and try and fill them based on individual needs of the student. This includes reasons for requesting the seat (i.e. major or minor requirement, general education requirement, endorsement hours, etc) hours earned, and the reason as to why the course was unavailable (ex financial block, hours block, pre-req block etc).

Students will be notified no earlier than December 1, 2014 if we are able to accommodate their request. The English Department will continue processing requests through the end of Registration. In the meantime students are encouraged to continue checking and add the course if a seat should open.

Spring 2015 Wait List

Advising Goals and Responsibilities

This page explains:

  • Our goals for the advising process.
  • What you need to do to get the most out of your meetings with your advisor.

Learn more about Advising Goals and Responsibilities.

Finding Your Advisor

Unsure of where who your advisor is or where to find them? On this page, you can:

  • Find out who your advisor is
  • Check your advisor's calendar
  • Schedule an appointment

Learn more about finding your advisor.

Advising Forms

To assist students in planning out their course of study, the English Department has prepared plans of study and checklists. Students should use these materials to prepare for meeting with their advisor.

Learn more about Advising Forms.


Tips for Transfer Students

Thinking of transfering to ISU as an English Major? This page has some tips on what community college classes can best prepare you to be an ISU English Major.

Read our Tips for Transfer Students

University Advising Resources

More advising resources may be found at University College or the Office of the University Registrar.