Department of English at Illinois State University

Tips for Transfer Students

Here a few helpful hints if you are planning to transfer to ISU as an English major.

You can also contact an English Department Academic Advisor.

Tips on Courses

  • Take your foreign language before transferring. As an English major, you are required to complete the 3rd level of a foreign language in college. At ISU, this is LAN 115. As an example, if you're taking Spanish, try and complete the third level before you transfer.
  • Take one or two English electives in addition to the basic composition courses. Community colleges and other universities offer American, British, and Non-Western Literature courses, which are required for the English major. These are great electives to take.


English Education Tips

  • If you are an English Education major, make sure you take an introductory speech class. This is required to become a teacher and is also a pre-requisite for several education courses.
  • English Education majors should take an educational psychology course before transferring. Introductory psychology will be a pre-requisite for this course. Educational psychology is required for all English Education majors.
  • It is also a good idea to go ahead and take the Basic Skills Test if you plan on majoring in English Education. You can register for the test at the ICTS website.
  • English Education majors who transfer with an Associate's degree will need to spend five full semesters at ISU to finish the program. If you want to graduate in four total years of college, you should transfer to ISU for the Spring semester of your sophomore year.


Articulation Tips