English Teacher Education


The English Teacher Education program (ETE) is an English Studies sequence in the Department of English (College of Arts and Sciences) at Illinois State University. Admitted teacher candidates will prepare to become effective secondary (grades 9-12) English Language Arts (ELA) teachers in diverse classrooms. Coursework in the 46-hour major develops content knowledge and discipline-specific methods by addressing how theory and research support best practices in integrated language arts skills pedagogy.

Teacher candidates develop and apply instructional delivery skills through clinical experiences conducted at University High School (Illinois State's on-campus laboratory school) and a variety of public school classrooms: rural, suburban, and urban.

Why Study English Teacher Education?

The program emphasizes a critical literacy practices framework valuing language arts skills for life-long learning with these core values:

  • Teaching and learning for democracy and social justice
  • Respect for the diversity of learners
  • Writing as a rhetorical process
  • Reading as a strategic process
  • Multiple perspective taking
  • Meeting student needs through differentiation
  • Teaching speaking, listening, and language skills for students to become advocates

Related Majors


Related Fields


  • Teaching: teaching assistant, alternative education instruction, international teaching, Montessori instruction
  • Administration
  • Higher education
  • Tutoring
  • Coaching, camp director
  • Head start programs, before/after school mentoring programs, child development centers, daycare centers
  • Child welfare/case management
  • Research


  • Public and private elementary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Museums
  • Parks and recreation
  • Private learning centers/tutoring services/test preparation organizations
  • Language institutes, local and abroad
  • Nonprofit organizations focused on child development and child welfare


  • Obtain appropriate state certification for public school teaching.
  • Earn certification to teach multiple subjects or age groups for increased job opportunities.
  • Earn a master's or doctorate degree for post-secondary teaching.
  • Plan to attend graduate school in college student personnel or information science if those are areas of interest.
  • Gain volunteer experience working with children through Big Brother/Sister programs, tutoring, summer camps, YMCAs, etc.
  • Participate in school activities such as debate or literary clubs, campus publications, or student government.
  • Get involved in roles of leadership such as resident advisor, peer mentor, student advisor, etc.
  • Maintain a high grade point average and secure strong faculty recommendations for graduate school applications.

Career Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Renee Carrigan  110 Student Services Building  rdcarugl@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-5864 

New Freshmen

Applying to Illinois State

For new transfer and readmitted students only. New freshmen may apply for admission to the English Teacher Education sequence at a later date. See English Education Handbook for specific requirements.

Plans of Study and Progress Tracking

New Transfer

Applying to Illinois State

Illinois State's preferred filing period for fall transfer students is September 1-January 15. For the spring semester, the preferred filing period is from April 1-August 1. You are encouraged to apply early in the preferred filing period for best consideration for admission into competitive majors. Visit the Office of Admissions to apply today!

Minimum GPA

2.50-3.29 with required coursework listed below or 3.3 with no coursework required

Middle 50% GPA

2.88 - 3.60

Required Courses

Students with a GPA between 2.5-3.29 are required to complete the following courses with a grade of B or better:

  • Introductory-level composition (ENG 101) or Introductory-level speech (COM 110) and
  • At least one of the following:
    • English literature (110)
    • American literature (ENG 130)
    • Children's literature (ENG 170)
    • Introduction to creative writing (ENG 227)
    • Major elective

Recommended Courses

  • Foreign language equivalent to Illinois State’s 115 level
  • American, British, and non-western literature courses

Additional Information

It is strongly recommended that students meet the Basic Skills Requirement prior to enrollment. Visit the College of Education's website for details on acceptable ACT or SAT scores which can be used to meet this requirement.

Plans of Study and Progress Tracking

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Alan Lin  Stevenson Hall 414G  alin@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-3425 

Illinois State Students

Middle 50% GPA

2.88 - 3.60

Plans of Study and Progress Tracking

Application Period

Applications are always accepted, but reviewed during September and February.

Major Requirements

Applications will be reviewed based on GPA, performance in English courses at time of application and a well-written persuasive personal statement. Admission is competitive.

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Alan Lin  Stevenson Hall 414G  alin@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-3425