Department of English at Illinois State University

English Studies Internships: How to Begin

First things first...

You must be either an English major or minor. Next, check to see if you meet the Internship Qualifications.

If you meet those requirements...

Make an appointment with the English Studies Internship Director and fill out an application form and a health insurance certification form. You should also bring along a current resume.

Dr. James Kalmbach
Internship Director
421H Stevenson Hall
(309) 438-7840
Contact Dr. Haas

The Initial Interview

During the initial interview you will discuss your needs, interests, and career goals. You will also learn more about the program, the prospects for internships, and career opportunities for people with degrees in English Studies.

Plan Ahead

Although some last minute internships sometimes can be arranged, it is advisable that you begin planning at least one semester before you intend to start your internship. In some cases, the English Studies Internship Director may have information about available internships that suit you. In other cases, you may need to find your own internship. The Internship Director can help you with this process.

Apply to the Organization

When you have found an internship prospect, it is up to you to apply to the organization for the position. The application process is much the same as applying for a professional job. Although it is not possible to guarantee you an internship, if you are patient and persistent the chances of finding an acceptable opportunity are good.