Department of English at Illinois State University

English Majors at Illinois State University

The English majors at ISU are based on the English Studies model, a broad heading that includes the fields of Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Professional and Technical Writing, Publishing Studies, and Creative Writing. As is apparent from this list, the English Department is made up of faculty with diverse interested in the English language. Becoming a part of this ongoing conversation of study and scholarship can be intimidating, but the English Department believes that our model will prove beneficial to student's careers, understanding of the world, and growth and development as learners and as human beings.

The English major confers a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Because of the diversity of our Department, students who choose to major in English may work on a variety of concentrations within the major and should consult an English Department Academic Advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies to develop a plan of study which blends degree requirements with their own interests and priorities.

If you are interested in majoring in English or if you would like more information, we encourage you to contact one of the English Department's Academic Advisors.