Accelerated English Education Sequence Overview 

The Accelerated English Education Sequence (AEES) is a pathway to the Master’s in English Education. It is designed for undergraduate teacher education students who, when they graduate with their undergraduate degree, will pursue employment as secondary English language arts (ELA) teachers. 

Students, or teacher candidates, accepted into the sequence will be allowed to take courses that will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate programs in English Teacher Education. Thus, students accepted into the sequence will be able to jump start their graduate coursework prior to graduation with their undergraduate degree and earning a license to teach ELA. After students begin teaching, they may continue their graduate coursework in the Master’s of English Education program


AEES students may earn up to 12-credits of graduate coursework. Students may enroll in ENG 435 and/or graduate elective coursework under the advisement of the Coordinator of the Master’s of English Education and in consultation with the designated undergraduate English Teacher Education program advisor.  


Multiple enrollments are allowed in ENG 435, if content is different. All Graduate School policies apply to courses taken for graduate credit.  



Students who qualify to apply to the program must meet the following criteria:  


To apply, students should complete this digital application form. In addition to basic contact and program information, applicants should be prepared to submit as a part of that form   


Once admitted to the AEES, students are required to meet the academic standing requirements of the Graduate School



Contact the  
Coordinator of the Master’s of English Education 
Dr. Danielle Lillge