Christopher C. De Santis
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of English
Illinois State University






Curriculum Vitae

The Collected Works of Langston Hughes

Beinecke Library Langston Hughes Exhibit

ISU English Department

Langston Hughes: A Documentary Volume

Essays on Art, Race, Politics, and World Affairs

Fight for Freedom and Other Writings on Civil Rights

Langston Hughes and the Chicago Defender

"The past is never dead. It's not even past."

--William Faulkner

Course Syllabi

Foundations of Inquiry (Fall 2002)

The Harlem Renaissance

Race, Nation, and Reaction

African American Writers in the Age of Reaction

"Race" in the Making of the American Novel

African American Literature

African American Literary Criticism and Theory


Background: A. R. Waud, "The First Vote" (Harper's Weekly, November 16, 1867)