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Paris Salon Exhibitions: 1667-1831

John S. Hallam

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Salon de 1763

There were 208 works in the livret of 1763, plus additional works under the same number.1

Denis Diderot's reviews of the Salons were not formally published or printed. Instead, they circulated in manuscript form to a small group of subscribers. The collage includes brief excerpts on specific works from his review of 1763.2

Carle Van Loo's painting of the Three Graces was severely criticized by several critics, including Diderot. Van Loo destroyed the painting after the Salon and created a second version that was exhibited in 1765. That work was also attacked. The painting included here is a small oil study for either or both versions.

Diderot's insult hurled at Bachelier's allegory on prosperity, peace, and the flourishing of arts and sciences, equated his piece with commercial sign painters working in the area around the Pont Notre-Dame in Paris.
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Vien's Cupid Seller was based on an ancient Roman wall fresco unearthed in Naples that was engraved and included in the recently published multi-volume Le Antichita di Ercolano. The engraving (left) differs from the original fresco in substituting cupids for winged phalluses.

Antoine Favray was an invited exhibitor at the Salon. A student of Jean-François De Troy, he lived and worked in Rome, on the island of Malta, and in Constantinople (Istanbul).

Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg was a student of Carle Van Loo and this was his first Salon. He exhibited throughout the 1760's before establishing himself in London where he created large landscape spectacles involving mechanically created lighting effects.

Pierre-Antoine Baudouin was a student of Boucher and a miniaturist. A small watercolor representing young women receiving religious instruction in the catechism by a priest was removed from the Salon when the Archbishop of Paris complained it was sacrilegious (below). Its pendant on the subject of Catholic confession was pulled from the 1765 exhibition for the same reason. The Archbishop apparently noticed improper conduct such as flirting and passing notes between the sexes.


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1. J. J. Guiffrey, Collection des livrets des anciennes expositions depuis 1673 jusqu'en 1800. Various years of these livrets have been digitized and are available on GoogleBooks and on the University of Toronto Library Internet Archive at

2. Diderot et l'Art de Boucher à David. Les Salons: 1759–1781 [exposition à l’Hôtel de la Monnaie].

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