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When Wikipedists Meet Encyclopedists...

Marie-Pascale Pieretti


1. Primary reading assignments for this class are: Graffigny, Lettres d’une Péruvienne; Rousseau, Discours sur les sciences et les arts; Diderot, La Religieuse; Voltaire, Traité sur la tolérance; Beaumarchais, Le Mariage de Figaro; Laclos, Les liaisons dangereuses. Secondary sources to introduce the Encyclopédie and support our analysis of its organization include Daniel Brewer's article "Ordering Knowledge" and parts of Martine Groult's extensive work on the Encyclopédie, in particular her article "L'encyclopédisme dans les mots et les choses: différence entre la Cyclopoedia et l'Encylcopédie," which draws attention to the importance of distinguishing between the ways in which an encyclopedia may promote knowledge.

2. The ARTFL Project made its electronic version publically available online in 2008. The numerous research and archival materials and documents along with the new ARTFL-FRANTEXT research tool have immensely enriched this project over the years.


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