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Recent Dissertations

Cooper, Karol. Transactional anxiety and the rhetoric of the soul in Aphra Behn and Daniel Defoe. University of Washington, 2008.

Davis, Sara K., Going postal: epistolarity in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century fiction. The George Washington University, 2006.

Hollis, Jessica Lexie. Geographies of women: space, class, and commerce in eighteenth-century Britain. University of Kentucky, 2008.

Jones, Radhika. Required rereading, or how contemporary novels respond to the canon. Columbia University, 2008.

Kahan, Lee F. Fictions of intelligence: eighteenth-century English novels and the commerce of information, 1700-1760. State University of New York at Buffalo, 2007.

Nikoleishvili, Sophia. The many faces of Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”: examining the Crusoe myth in film and on television. University of Missouri, Columbia, 2007.

Pearl, Jason H. New words and new worlds in the age of Crusoe and Gulliver. Boston University, 2008.

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