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               The Literature and Culture of the Closet
                         in the Eighteenth Century
                                                    Danielle Bobker

Closets Without Walls


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1550 - 1600

1569      The Closet of Counsells conteining the advice of divers philosophers
1573      The treasurie of commodious conceits
1591      The Christian mans closet
1596      Psalmes of confession found in the cabinet of the most excellent King of Portinga

1600 - 1650

1608      A closet for ladies and gentlewomen
1616      The rich cabinet furnished with varietie of excellent discriptions
1630      The chyrugians closet
1632      Two spare keyes to the Jesuites cabinet
1637      Curiosities: or, the cabinet of nature
1639      The ladies cabinet opened
1640      Jocabella, or a cabinet of conceit
1641      Cupids cabinet unlock't
1642      A true narration of the surprizall of sundry cavaliers
1644      Ruperts sumpter, and private cabinet rifled
              The Key to the kings cabinet-counsell
1645      A key to the Kings cabinet
              A satyr, occasioned by the author's survey of a scandalous pamphlet intituled, the King's cabanet opened
              The Kings cabinet opened
1646      The Irish cabinet: or His Majesties secret papers
              The Lord George Digby's cabinet and Dr Goff's negotiations
              To a vertuous and judicious lady who (for the exercise of her devotion) built a closet
1648      A key to the cabinet of the Parliament, by their remembrancer
              A vindication of King Charles
1650      The King of Scotlands negotiations at Rome

1700 - 1709

1700      England's choice cabinet of rarities; or The famous Mr. Wadham's last golden legacy
1701      A cabinet of choice jewels
1703      The Country Physician
1704      The Parents Pious Gift
              A rich cabinet of modern curiosities containing many natural and artificial conclusions…
1706      The accomplish'd Lady's Delight
1707      The Second Volume of the Phenix
              The Phenix Volume One
1709      The Poor Man's Help, and Young Man's Guide

1710 - 1719

1710      The Compleat English and French Vermin-Killer
              A coppy of verses writt in a Common Prayer Book
1711      Aristotle's Last Legacy
1714      England's Mournful Monument
1715      Hocus Pocus
              Who Runs next
              Wit's Cabinet
1718      A collection of curious prints and drawing by the best masters in Europe
              Ladies Cabinet broke open, Part 1
              Letters, poems, and tales
              The French Momus
1719      The Book of Psalms Made Fit for the Closet with Collects and Prayers
              The Christian's Plea for His God and Saviour Jesus Christ

1720 - 1729

1721      A Closet Piece: The Experimental Knowledge of the Ever-Blessed God
1724      A manual history of Repentance and Impenitence
1725      A letter from the Man in the Moon to Mr. Anodyne Necklace
              Delights for young Men and Maids
1726      The Genuine Letters of Mary Queen of Scots to James Earl of Bothwell
1728      Mist's Closet Broke Open
              Christ's famous titles
1729      A brief history of the Restauration

1730 - 1739

1730      The Christian's duty from the sacred scriptures
1731      A general history of the proceedings and cruelties of the court of inquisition in Spain, Portugal
1732      Duties of the Closet
              Flower-Garden Display'd
1733      Gloria Britannorum or, The British Worthies
1739      Religion the most delightful employment

1740 - 1749

1740      Incomparable varieties
              Seven conferences held in the King of France's Cabinet of Paintings
1743      The Ladies Cabinet
              A Book of Rarities: Or, Cabinet of Curiosities Unlock'd
              The Lady's companion
1746      The Irish Cabinet
              A call to the unconverted

1750 - 1759

1750      Cupid's Cabinet Open'd
              M----C L----N's cabinet broke open
              The second part of Mother Bunch of the West
1752      The Gentleman and Lady's Palladium
1753      Proposals for publishing by subscription from the curious and elaborate works of Thomas Simon
              Fragment of the chronicles of Zimri the Refiner
1754      The Cabinet
1755      The Lovers Cabinet
1756      The Pleasing Instructor
              An Account of a Useful Discovery
1757      Apollo's Cabinet or the Muses Delight
              A Cabinet of Jewels opened to the Curious, by a key of Real Knowledge
1758      A catalogue of the collection of pictures, etc.
1759      The General State of Education in the Universities

1760 - 1769

1760      The state of France
1762      The British Phoenix
              The Female Pilgrim
              The Parallel
              A cabinet of choice jewels
1763      The Believer's Golden Chain
              The private tutor to the british youth
1764      The Christian's New Year's Gift: containing a companion
              Mrs. Pilkington's Jests
1765      The Golden Cabinet
              Miss C--Y's cabinet of curiosities
1768      Art's Master-Piece
1769      A catalogue of the cabinet of birds, and other curiosities

1770 - 1779

1770      The Christian's Closet-Piece: Being An Exhortation to all People To forsake their Sins, Which too much
                        Reign in the present Age: As Pride, Envy, ...
              The New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper
              Particulars of and conditions of sale for a large and valuable estate called Goldings
              The Spirit of Liberty
1771      The Muses Cabinet
1772      The riches and extent of free grace displayed
              The Christian's Preparation for the worthy receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
1773      Thane's second Catalogue
1774      Vox Populi
1775      A catalogue of the elegant cabinet of natural and artificial rarities of the late ingenious Henry Baker, Esq.
1776      A Thousand Notable Things on Various Subjects
1779      A Catalogue of the genuine, curious, and valuable
              Instructions for a prince

1780 - 1789

1781      Sunday Thoughts .4
1783      The cabinet of True Attic Wit
              The Cyprian Cabinet
              The Modern Family Physician
1785      Elegant Drawing and Cabinet Pictures
              For the Inspection of the CuriousFor the inspection of the curious…a cabinet of royal figures
1786      The Laird of Cool's Ghost
              The Cabinet of Momus and Caledonian Humorist
1787      A Catalogue of that Superb and Well Known Cabinet of Drawings of John Barnard, Esq.
              The Cabinet of Genius
1788      Every Lady her own Physician or the Closet Companion

1790 - 1799

1790      The housekeeper's valuable present
              The Last Night
              The Golden Cabinet
              Copys of several conferences and meetings
1791      A catalogue of a well-chosen and select collection of Pictures
              Elegant and Copious History of France. Number 1.
              The Closet Companion
1792      The Copper Plate Magazine
              A catalogue of pleasing assemblage of prints…
              The Cabinet of Love
              The Royal Jester
              To be seen in Curtius's Cabinet of Curiosities
1793      Monthly Beauties
              The Golden Cabinet
1794      A catalogue of the valuable museum
              A Cabinet of Miscellanies
1795      Cabinet of Curiosities, No. 1
              The world's doom: or the cabinet of fate unlocked. Vol.1
              The world's doom: or the cabinet of fate unlocked. Vol. 2
1796      Cabinet Litteraire
              Coins and medals, in the cabinets of the Earl of Fife
              Gale's Cabinet of Knowledge
1797      History of Mother Bunch of the West
              History of Mother Bunch of the West, Part the Second
              The Oxford Cabinet
              Specimens of British Minerals selected from the Cabinet of Philip Rasleigh
              The Cabinet
              The cabinet of wit
1798      A key to natural history
              A key to the Six Per Cent Cabinet
              Lineal Arithmetic
              Beautiful Cabinet Pictures
              Catalogue of the geniune
1799      The Naturalist's Pocket 1
              The Naturalist's Pocket 2
              The Naturalist's Pocket 3
              The Naturalist's Pocket 4
              The Naturalist's Pocket 5
              The Naturalist's Pocket 6
              Phylaxa Medinae. The cabinet of physick
              Catalogue of the intire Cabinet of Capital Drawings, collected by the late Greffier Francois Fagel
              A Cabinet of Fancy
              The cabinet of the arts
              A Companion to Bullock's Museum


1800      The Cabinet of Beasts
              Curtius's Grand Cabinet of Curiosities
              Mother Bunch's Closet broke open…Part the Second

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