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Can (Role-) Playing the French Revolution En Français Also Teach the Eighteenth Century?

Peggy Schaller


1. My thanks to ACTFL for allowing non-profits and educational institutions free access to their files.
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2. A particular note of thanks to John Burney of Doane College, whose leadership at a “Reacting to the Past” workshop and subsequent mentoring to new “game masters” were invaluable in the creation of my own game structure.
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3. This online game exceeded ten million subscribers by January 1, 2008, and has repeatedly been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular online game in the world (Glenday 241).
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4. I am using foundational knowledge here to specify what Fink refers to as special value, where “foundational knowledge provides the basic understanding that is necessary for other kinds of learning” (31).
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5. The textbook used is the 1996 edition of La Civilisation française I edited by Ross Steele, Susan St. Onge, and Ronald St. Onge.
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6. The films include Le Roi danse (2000), Molière (2007), and Vatel (2000).
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7. Students were instructed to read a reduced number of chapters in each book to make the reading achievable and not too overwhelming.
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8. This type of preparation will be discussed in detail later in this article; see also studies by Tony Lynch and Joan Maclean on task repetition and recycling.
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9. Chapters 4 and 5 of Fink’s Creating Significant Learning Experiences provide particularly good information on guiding students with clear outcome objectives.
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10. Both my colleague and I also used several of the videos to promote this new class format on our campus. They proved quite helpful in gaining support from the administration and other faculty members who have since become interested in using other Reacting to the Past games.
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11.Citoyen Danton / Will’s speech is a bit long, but the citations from Rousseau and the encouragement from other Sans Culottes faction members can be heard during the first minutes of his speech:
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12. Printed with permission of the student.
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