And then on Wednesday by Jeff Schiff

A Desperate Quest Charley Tisch

A Dream I Once Had by Emily Ruby

eclipse by Nicole Mackowski

Goddamnit Nelson by Charley Tisch 

Gylph Dwelling by J. Randall Brett

Half an Eye by Charley Tisch

If we flossed in vowels by Kara Kirkus 

A Jew Matures in the New World by Jeff Schiff

Lives of the Attic by Fabrice Poussin

My Old Man by Emily Ruby

No One Knew by Mackie Kelleher 

A Note From Pluto by Nicole Mackowski 

Oxidation by Kara Kirkus 

Processing the Patchwork by Rachel Hall

Serendipity by Rachel Seitz

Taking Flight by Fabrice Poussin

Upon Mountains by Jennifer Glasscock 

Why I Won’t Touch Bottom by Jeff Schiff

Winter Intent by J. Randall Brett