Garden of Deceit

by Cara Forbes

Welcome to the garden, 
The garden of deceit. 
You’ll be here a while,  
So here, take a seat. 
Reach for the apples, 
Freshly ripened—to eat! 
Take a big bite, 
They’re juicy and sweet. 
Except in this garden, 
They’re poisoned by cheats. 
It’ll course through your veins, 
And fill you with grief.  

Go ahead and smell the roses, 
Breathe in their sweet perfume. 
But watch out! There’s thorns! 
You silly little fool! 
You came to my garden,  
Thinking you were immune?
Not in the garden of deceit, 
Where everyone is doomed 
To be victims of our tricks, 
And stories that confuse. 
Stories with so many branches,
  All truth is misconstrued.  

There’s much to see here, 
Feel free to look around! 
But ease caution every step, 
Who knows what’s solid ground? 
We’ll have you fumbling for truths,
  Where only lies can be found.
We’ll laugh as you fall, 
And make you out for a clown.
  But it’s only just a game, 
No need for such a frown! 
We only wanna show you, 
How everyone let’s you down.