9/20/19 by Adrian Cole

Bonfire by Holly Day

Callous by Alyssa McCauley

Dead Snake on the Track by John Grey

From The Island of Enchantment to Normal: Transition by Edcel Cintron

Full Service by Gale Acuff

Garden of Deceit by Cara Forbes

Harvest by Holly Day 

haunt by Lars Avis

homage to a strange diagnosis by Natalie Swanson

I met Yahuwah the other night by Jovanny Galvan-Alvarado

I Set My Eyes on Fire by John Tustin

it was about 8:40  by Nick Roberts

Like Snakes on Asphalt by Holly Day

Lines in a Thunderstorm by Ricky King

loving you by Stephanie Hedgespeth

Made in China by John Grey

Microscopic Beetles by John Tustin

My #2 Pencil by Alyssa McCauley

On Finding the Man by Holly Day

Onward by Gale Acuff

rotting by Cara Forbes

Self-Portrait by John Grey

Shall Set You Free by Gale Acuff

Stones in My Pockets by Alexis Foran

The Disruption This Morning by Holly Day

The girl who stops time by August Muñoz

Transformation at the Well by Andrew Courtney

Upper Room by Gale Acuff

Vacant by Kailey Skirpan

Who Has Ears by Gale Acuff

You by Andrew Courtney

You Springtide by Pawel Markiewicz