The girl who stops time

by August Muñoz

I stop for a moment,  
reflect on my life. 
I realized at 19 that I liked girls 
and that girl  
was you. 

I guarantee that it was before then,  
but time will never tell. 
But in this moment, time doesn’t matter 
In this moment, as I lay on your chest  
It becomes the only place I feel truly comfortable  
Your chin resting somewhere near the top of my forehead 
My nose nestled into your neck  
This is where I feel okay, where time disappears 

The clock from the desk glares red  
And time ticks away  
Minute after minute, we lose more sleep  
But sleep can be made up for  
Time with you; irreplaceable  

19 years.  
19 years long without the girl, 
The girl who makes time stop.  

“Love is a concept” they say,  
“Time is a construct”  
“You chose to be gay” 

Love is real.  
Time is just a restriction.  
And if I “chose” to be gay 
I chose right.  

Love has to make sense to us 
And time does not have to restrict us  

Everyday I wake up knowing I’ll see you 
with your sleeves folded over  
your Sperry’s on, walking like you own the world  
and I’ll smile,  
more than I ever have  

Every moment I see the grey jacket, 
the glasses perched on your nose, 
and your natural curls, 
Time stops. 

Time is a restriction, but time does not stop us  
It won’t.  

I know it won’t because  
everytime I wake up and time stops, 
it also continues with you.  

Another day  
Another memory  
Another love story to tell the kids of our future, 
regardless of if we are together or not. 

So I thank you,  

I thank you for taking me into your arms, 
letting me nestle my chin into your chest. 
For giving me a reason to wake up and live,  
even on days where that is the last thing I want to do. 
For showing me that love is possible and exciting 
That politics is important 
That this life is important.  
But most importantly, thank you  

Thank you for being the girl who stops time