Fiancée Arcade

Lee Stockdale

Love hangs in the balance at the Fiancée Arcade, 

cotton candy is a bush in flames, 

children never get lost no matter how young, 

run around unaccompanied by fiancée fathers 

aiming balls at pyramid cans,  

tossing rings to win bears as large as a human, 

until a bear at the top of the Ferris wheel 

fights for the right to have a wife of his own. 


Delirious fiancées below oblivious  

to the fighting bear, the hook ’n’ ladder,  

unaware all rides are suspended,  

the mustachioed weight guesser has stopped guessing weights,  

the strong man appears less strong and drinks coffee  

with the fiancée contortionist who dreams out loud 

of the man who contorts even better than she,  

how they’ll marry and raise contortionist children,  

make a name for themselves, The Contorting Mullers, 

be the big act at the Married Arcade.