About Us

Euphemism is a creative arts journal edited and produced by Illinois State University students with interests in publication studies and creative arts. We publish two issues every year, along with special issues. We publish all kinds of creative work, including poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual art, experimental sound, spoken word, videos, and original music.

While our goal is to provide an outlet for new and emerging authors, our goal is to serve the student community in their creative endeavors and establish a space in which they might learn the intricacies of the journal publishing process.

We accept submissions from Illinois State University students and other artists around the world. See our submissions page for more information.

If you are an ISU student interested in joining the Euphemism staff, please contact us via our Redbird Life page or email euphemism@ilstu.edu. We are proud to be supported by the English department at Illinois State University.