About Us

Euphemism is a creative arts journal edited and produced by Illinois State University students with interests in publication studies and creative arts. We publish two issues every year, along with special issues. Our goal is to publish all kinds of creative work, including poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual art, experimental sound, spoken word, videos, and original music. We accept submissions from Illinois State University students as well as other artists around the world. If you are interested in joining the Euphemism staff, please request membership through our Redbird Life page. You can also message us through Redbird Life if you would like additional information about our organization. We are proud to be supported by the English department at Illinois State University.

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Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Suzy Miller
Art Editor: Amanda Ashmus
Fiction Editor: Kristin Heyder
Nonfiction Editor: Katherine Christensen
Poetry Editor: Nick Roberts
Publications Director: Lizzy Miller
Social Media Coordinator: Bianca Bergamasco
Submissions Coordinator: Marley Arenstein



Kindred Ahrens, Skye Bennett, Katie Blake, Chloe Bruck, Lauren Burnham, Niki Coad, Jeremy Donaldson, Jacob Fortino, Grace Fuller, Natalie Graetz, Anna Heiar, Nicole Johnson, Olivia Kerber, Katelyn Kern, Kara Kirkus, Sarah Levin, Justin Lewis, Brandie Lorenzen, Laura Lotzer, Jesse Manarang, Brooke Novie, Angie Paul, Ellen Pearson, Davey Rivers, Alexis Rizzi, Saverio Sanci, Izabelle Schoepke, Jacob Snyders, Sidney Taylor, Lucy Vaquero,  Carmella Weeg