Frequently Asked Questions

ISU’s Coronavirus Planning

There are many resources available via Also make sure to stay updated by regularly checking your ISU email for any updates from the University, from your instructors, or from other campus groups.

English Department Office Operations during the Fall 2020 Semester

Things are obviously quite different this year as compared with a normal fall semester. As such, this guide will provide you with information about how to get the support you need from the English Department amidst the current coronavirus circumstances.

What do I do if I need to access resources or meet in person with someone in the English Department Main Office (STV 409A–G)?

While the office will typically be staffed by someone during normal operating hours during the week, we’re trying to limit physical traffic as much as possible, so rather than drop in, we ask that you call the office ahead of time to either set up an appointment or find out how to get the help you need remotely. Call 309-438-3667 and we’ll help you out! If you arrive at the office, you can knock on the door to announce yourself, and someone will likely be there to speak with you. Before entering you will need to make sure you’re wearing a face covering, and that any people in the office have time to put on their face coverings before you enter.

Why is the door to the English Department Commons locked?

In accordance with the aim of limiting the congregation of people in indoor spaces—the conditions which create the greatest risk for spread of the coronavirus—the English Department has decided to keep the Commons closed to regular use during Fall 2020.

How can I find out information about professors’ office hours, contact info, etc.?

As in normal semesters, we will still make a physical copy of the English Department Directory available, but instead of being inside the main office, it will now be posted at the entrance to the office, so you won’t need to enter in order to consult it. You can also view faculty profiles. And as long as you have your professor’s email address, you can always send a message to them in order to verify office hours or other details that you need to know. To look up course schedules and other information about courses being offered, visit

I have an in-person appointment with someone in the main office. What do I do when I arrive?

Knock on the door and someone in the office should come to let you in. If that doesn’t work (since the office is not as fully staffed as during normal semesters, it’s possible that the office may be vacant for brief periods), just call 309-438-3667 and someone will direct you what to do. Once you’re in the office, make sure that you follow the directions posted on the signage in the office and also given to you by whoever is checking you in for your appointment. Face coverings are required in all indoor spaces, and we also encourage you to use hand sanitizer upon entering the office. If you need to wait before your appointment begins, please do so while observing appropriate physical distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart from others), and preferably do so in the hallway outside the office where such distancing is more easily maintained.

What if I’m a prospective student visiting campus? How do I meet with someone to find out more about the English Department?

The best place to begin is by calling 309-438-3667. Our Office Administrator, Libby Harness, will be able to help you with lots of questions, and she can also direct you to other people and resources as needed. If you have an appointment with someone in the main office, just follow the instructions listed above when you arrive.

How do I find out more about technological support available to me during this altered semester?

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is providing students with a number of resources that will help address technological issues that may arise during this semester of more-than-usual remote learning. You can find out more about these resources by vising the Redbirds Keep Learning website. Also feel free to ask your individual instructors or advisors about specific technological needs (you can find contact info here, or through your course ReggieNet sites, or through