Graduate Courses in RCTC


ENG 349 Technical Writing II
Instruction and practice in editing, proposals, and analytical writing; attention given to style manuals, research writing, and (as needed) publication.

ENG 350 Visible Rhetoric
Document design as a rhetorical activity and the application of theories of visible rhetoric to document production.

ENG 351 Hypertext
Workshop using digital technologies to compose complex, multi-modal, Wed-based texts.

ENG 353: Technical Editing
Theory and practice of editing and management of documentation in industry and other organizational settings.

ENG 385: Life Writing/Narrative in Theory and Practice
Theoretical and practical consideration of interdisciplinary field of life writing/narrative. Textual production and reception, representation, rhetoric, memory, narrative, genre.

ENG 391: Ancient Rhetorics
Comparative theoretical study of ancient rhetorical traditions.

ENG 392: Contemporary Rhetorical Theories
Studies of the principles of rhetoric to serve as a basis for understanding contemporary rhetorical theories.

ENG 402: Teaching Composition
Introduction to theory, research, and practice in the teaching of composition.

ENG 449: History and Theory of Technical and Professional Writing
Reading and research in technical/professional communication emphasizing foundations of history, theory, culture, rhetoric, and technology.

ENG 451: Topics in Technical Writing
Advanced study of selected topics in the theoretical and interdisciplinary underpinnings of technical writing.

ENG 452: The Teaching of Technical Writing
Inquiry into the issues, methods, and resources involved in teaching technical writing at the college level.

ENG 483: Studies in Cultural Rhetorics
Advanced theoretical study of intersections among rhetorics, cultures, and systems of power.

ENG 494: Writing Assessment
History, theory, and practice of post-secondary writing assessment. Grading students’ writing, large-scale writing assessment, and writing assessment across the curriculum.

ENG 496: Theory and Research in Rhetoric and Composition Studies
Advanced study of recent theory and research in rhetoric and composition studies.

ENG 497: Research Methods in Composition Studies
Current research issues and methods in composition studies.

ENG 590: Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition Studies
Research in the configurations of rhetoric and composition studies with emphasis on English studies and the post-secondary teaching of writing.

ENG 591: Practicum (Internship) in College Teaching
Teaching of lower-division English course with emphasis upon new techniques.