English Department Academic Advising

Mark Vegter, Academic Advisor

English Majors

Students in the Creative Writing Sequence

Students in the Publishing Studies Sequence

Students in the Technical Writing and Rhetorics Sequence

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Contact Mark Vegter

414J Stevenson Hall (309) 438-5783


Alan Lin, Academic Advisor

Students in the English Education Sequence

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414G Stevenson Hall (309) 438-3425


To Request an Appointment

Appointments are scheduled through the University Appointment Manager. All English students should have received an email about how to use Appointment Manager.

If you can't find your email, please contact your Advisor.

You may also call the English Department main office for assistance: (309) 438-3667.


When requesting an appointment:

  • Please include your UID number and a brief reason for the appointment.
  • Please arrive five minutes early and wait in Stevenson 414F, The English Advising Reception Area.
  • Please bring any materials or questions that you may have

Who Is My Advisor?


English majors and minors with less than 24 credit-hours are advised in the University College Academic Advisement Center . Honors students in English with less than 24 credit-hours are advised in the Honors Office .

Majors in English and Students in the Creative Writing, Publishing Studies, and Technical Writing and Rhetorics Sequences

Majors in English and students in the Creative Writing, Publishing Studies, or Technical Writing and Rhetorics sequences with 24 or more credit-hours are advised in the English Department by Mark Vegter.

English Education Sequence

Students in the English Education sequence are advised in the English Department by Alan Lin.

English, Writing, and TESOL Minors

Minors in the English Department are advised by Mark Vegter.


Do you have questions about English courses but are not an English major? Contact the English Department Administrative Clerk to request an appointment with one of our advisors.

Before Scheduling an Appointment

Please see the Major/Minor Checklists and Plans of Study below that correspond with your major or minor (be sure to click on the appropriate category: Upper Class English Majors; Minors; or Freshman/Sophomore English Majors). Once you have identified the appropriate checklist, please note which course requirements you have already fulfilled.

English Department Academic Advising Goals

The goal of academic advising in the English Department is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are aligned with their individual career aspirations. In the English Department, academic advising is based on a system of shared responsibility between student and advisor. This entails a process of continuous improvement, clarification, and evaluation with the aim of furthering institutional advising goals with students' desired career and post graduate outcomes.

The English Department views the advising relationship as an on-going conversation that transcends course selection and attempts to assist students as they explore the breadth of a Liberal Arts curriculum, experience college life, focus on their English major or minor, and prepare for life after college.

In order to assist students in completing their career objectives through their educational goals, advisors will:

  • help students explore and establish their life and career goals;
  • teach students to develop an educational plan that is consistent with their goals;
  • provide accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs;
  • work with students in evaluation of their progress towards their degree;
  • make referrals to resources within and out of the college as appropriate; and
  • empower and encourage students to be self-directed learners.

As a partnership between student and advisor in the advising process, students are expected to:

  • know and fulfill all university, college and major requirements for graduation;
  • confer with an advisor on a regular basis about major and degree requirements;
  • review the tracking (degree) audit each semester to ensure the student fully understands the remaining degree requirements;
  • seek advisement when in academic difficulty (e.g., below a 2.0 GPA, doing poorly in a critical tracking course); and
  • maintain their own personal academic records, including the catalog of their year of admission, transcripts, tracking (degree) audits, evaluation of transfer work, and notes from previous advising sessions.

Major/Minor Checklists and Plans of Study

Below are checklists for students in the English major, the four sequences, and the three minors. Four-year plans of study for students who start at ISU as Freshmen, as well as plans of study for those who transfer to ISU, are also available.