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English Department Ph.D Program Alumni

Illinois State University's Ph.D. program in English Studies is distinguished from traditional doctoral programs in English by its emphasis upon connecting research with pedagogical issues and its requirement that all doctoral candidates complete coursework and comprehensive exams exploring the interrelationship among literature and culture, rhetoric and composition, linguistics, and pedagogy. With a success rate of approximately 90% over the past twenty years or so, the Ph.D. program in English Studies at ISU is likely unrivaled by many programs in the placement of doctoral graduates in tenure-track faculty positions and other full-time, education related positions.

Graduates have earned this success because of the program's commitment to preparing future college and university teachers with careful attention to critical issues in pedagogy. Recent dissertations—all of which include the program's required pedagogical component—have addressed issues in rhetoric as well as developmental and advanced composition, the teaching of literature and children's literature in U.S. and global contexts, globalization and the rhetoric of technical communications, applied linguistics, the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, the administration of secondary English teaching preparation programs, and the administration of university writing and learning centers. Our model of integrating areas of research specialization and issues of pedagogy complements and enhances the core mission of Illinois State University, with its tradition of teacher training and its emphasis upon quality undergraduate education.

Additions or Changes

Please contact Libby Harness, the English Department Assistant to the Graduate Director with any additions or changes. We are interested in corrections, recent awards and publications, stories about life after graduate school, etc. We will update this page and include your information elsewhere on our website.

Many of the dissertations listed here are available as electronic editions in the Milner Library online catalog.


Abraham, Ilona. Spring 1986. "From Cosmogony to Eschatology: A Time-Centered Mythic Structure for Four Quartets with Significance for the Teaching of Literature."

Adhikari, Hari Ram. Summer 2012. "Recast(E)ing and "Alien" Veil on the Asian Body: The Western Imaginary and South Asian Identity in Youth Literature." Current Position: BNU-HKBU United International College.

Adika, Prince. Spring 2009. "Remembered Kinship: African and African Diasporean Narratives of Return and Their Relevance." Current Position: University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana.

Agboka, Godwin. Fall 2010. "Participatory Localization: A Social Justice Approach to Decolonizing International Technical Communication Practices." Current Position: University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX.

Aitken, Nicole. Fall 2008. "Creating a Connected Classroom: Engaging Students with Multimodal Texts in the Community College Composition Classroom." Current Position: Illinois Central College, East Peoria, IL.

Akman, Beyazit H. Spring 2012. "British Literature and the Turk Before 1800: Representations of the Otooman Empire and Islam From Late Renaissance to the Post- 9/11 Era." Current Position: SUNY Geneseo.

Akman, Filiz Barin. Spring 2014. "Nineteenth Century Orientalist Discourse(s): Western Representations of the Ottoman Society Eastern Women and the Harem in Travelwriting, Fiction, and Art."

Aljenfawi, Khaled. Summer 2005. "Relieving Tension: Targeting Islam in Eighteenth-Century British Writing." Current Position: Kuwait University, Jahra-Kuwait.

Anderson, Maureen. Spring 2007. "'Witch' As Metaphor in America: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Linguistic Shaping of Women in Literature." Current Position: University of South Carolina-Salkehatchie, Salkehatchie, SC.

Anderson, Rebecca. Summer 2013. "The Efficacy of the Turkish Nasreddin Hodja Tales in a Global Citizenship Pedagogy. "Current Position: Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory, Reston, VA.

Antlitz, Susan. Spring 2005. "Building Textual Spaces: MOO Writing in the First-Year Composition Classroom." Current Position: Southern University Online.

Antonides, Tim. Spring 2008. "Grammatical, Pragmatic, And Cultural Dimensions in Developing an English Program for Foreign Language Learners." Current Position: Surrey Christian School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Applegate, Carey. Fall 2011. "Dangerous Pedagogies: Keeping it Real in the Twenty-First Century Urban English Classroom." Current Position: University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI.

Aubeeluck, Ghaitree. Summer 2006. "Indian Americans As Native Informants: Transnationalism In Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine, Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake, and Kirin Narayavi's Love, Stars, and All That." Current Position: Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.

Austin, Keely. Spring 2010. "The Rhetoric of Memory." Current Position: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Austin, Norjuan. Summer 2003. "Getting Out of Childhood Alive: Lacan and the Marked Babies." Current Position: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX.

Avagyan, Shushan. Summer 2012. "Traumatic Infidelities: Translating the Literature of the Armenian Genocide." Current Position: American University of Armenia.


Baer, Eugene. Spring 1989. "Reading in the Composition Course: Instructional Strategies and Student Traits." Current Position: Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI.

Bailey, Robert. Spring 2011. "Revising History: Altering Expectations of First-Year Writing Through Second Language Acquisition Theory." Current Position: South Suburban College of Cook County

Baker, Susan. Fall 1996. "Thomas Hardy’s "Figure in the Carpet": a Study of the "Poems of 1912-13"."

Balzhiser, Deborah. Summer 2003. "Beyond User-Centered: Ecological Design for Technical Communication Practitioners and Pedagogues." Current Position: Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.

Bang, In Shik. Spring 2012. "Painful Travels, Painful Writings: Reading Travel Narratives by Mark Twain, Pearl S. Buck , and Carlos Bulosan." Current Position: Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, South Korea.

Banks, William. Fall 2003. "Performing the Not-Me! Ethos in Four Student Portfolios." Current Position: Eastern Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Bardenhagen, Heidi Kathleen. Summer 2011. "Wimpled Warriors: The Impact of Girl Power in Contemporary Medievalist Fiction for Adolescents."

Barnes, Jessica. Spring 2009. "Writing the Body Politic: Fallen Women and the Construction of Empire." Current Position: West Virginia State University, Institute, WV.

Bates, Julie. Fall 2017. Toward an Interventionary Rhetoric for Technical Communication. Current Position: Milliken University, Decatur, IL.

Belcher, Lynne. Spring 1989. "ESL Composition: Analyzing Revision." Current Position: Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR.

Bell, Diana. Fall 1995. "Motivation and Critical Pedagogy: A View from Within." Current Position: University of Alabama-Huntsville, Huntsville, AL.

Benson, Linda. Summer 1997. "The Constructed Child: Femininity in Beverly Cleary's Ramona Series." Missouri State University, Springfield, MO. (Retired)

Berthel, Jamie. Spring 1995. "Everywhere Empty: Paradox and Difference in Critical Thinking and Process Rhetoric." Current Position: Danville Area Community College, Danville, IL.

Bokor, Michael. Summer 2008. "Reconceiving Communicative Competence in International Technical Communication: A World Englishes Perspective in Native English Speakers' Ethos Transformation." Current Position: Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, New York City, NY.

Bortolotti, Stephan Paul. Spring 2012. "The Scheherazade Dynamic: Fabulation and Manipulation as Art and Pedagogy." Current Position: Mid State College, Peoria, IL.

Bosley, Deborah. Summer 1989. "A National Study of the Uses of Collaborative Writing in Business Communication Courses among Members of the ABC." Current Position: University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.

Bourhis, Celine. Fall 2015. "Discursive Oppositionality in Women’s Memoirs.” Current Position: Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

Boyd, Michael. Fall 2004. "Discourse Community Pedagogy: Opening Doors for Students of Composition." Current Position: Illinois Central College, Peoria, IL.

Bradway-Hesse, Becky. Fall 1998. "Rhetoric, Belles Lettres, and the Emergence of Writing Programs in the American University." Current Position: University of Denver, Denver, CO.

Brothers, Deborah. Summer 2004. "Learning Above the Page: Reading and Writing Literacy Narratives in a Children's Literature Classroom." Current Position: Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL.

Brown, Alan. Fall 1984. "Writing Centers: How They Succeed and Fall." Current Position: University of Western Alabama, Livingston, AL.

Browne, Katherine. Spring 2017. "Body Composition: Reading, Writing, and Resisting Weight Loss Autobiography as Biopolitical Pedagogy."

Burgauer, Debra. Fall 2004. "The Impact of Before, During, and After Reader Response Commentaries on Peer Revision by First-Year College Composition Students." Current Position: Bradley University, Peoria, IL.


Cadden, Michael. Spring 1996. "Dialogues with Authority: Children's Literature, Dialogics, and the Texts of Ursula K. Le Guin." Current Position: Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO.

Campbell, Joseph. Spring 2010. "The Order and the Other: Power and Subjectivity in Adolescent Science Fiction and YA Dystopian Literature." Current Posistion: Casper College, Casper, WY.

Canilao, Paz. Fall 1990. "Audience Awareness: An Inquiry into Its Impact in ESL Composition." Current Position: Father Duenas Memorial School, Guam.

Carman, Jane. Summer 2012. "Rest(Less) Lit in Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy: Movement Through Words."

Chachere, Karen. Spring 2004. "Visually White, Legally Black: Miscegenation, the Mulatto, and Passing in American Literature and Culture, 1865-1933." Current Position: Lane College, Jackson, TN.

Chansky, Ricia. Spring 2009. "Language Beyond Words: Alternate Discourse As Rhetoric, Metaphor, and Pedagogy." Current Position: University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.

Chareonburtra, Preeyaporn. Spring 2008. "Comparison of the Gender Values: Western Tales and Thai Tales." Current Position: Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand.

Cheng, Xiaoguang. Spring 1994. "The Effect of Teaching Metadiscourse on the Writing Quality of University Level Student Writers."

Chrusciel, Ewa. Fall 2006. "Recuperation Of Closure And Epiphany In Postmodern Poetics." Current Position: Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH.

Clark, Ryan. Fall 2013. "Homophonic Translation, Appositional Writing, and the Monster.” Current Position: Savannah State University.

Clarke, Carol. Fall 2000. "Crossings, Crosses, the Whispering Womb, and Daughters under the Drum: The Poetry of Phillis Wheatley and Selected Caribbean Women Writers, with Implications for a Pluralistic Pedagogy." Current Position: Mico Teacher's College, Jamaica.

Cochran, Danielle. Summer 2017. Canvasses of Representation: Addressing the Cultural Politics of Black Male Superhero Identity in Graphic Narratives.

Crawford, Wayne. Fall 1997. "Criteria for Evaluating Composition: Their Place in Students' Composing Processes." Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL. (Deceased)

Crowley, Elizabeth. Fall 1987. "The Relationship between Ability to Summarize and Field Independence or Dependence." MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL. (Retired)

Cuti, Linsey. Fall 2004. "Filling a Curricular Gap with a Critical Consciousness of Language." Current Position: Kankakee Community College, Kankakee, IL.


Dauzal, Sinclair. Summer 2008. "The Politics of Contemporary Translation Pedagogy: Exploring the Blurred Borders, Developing Implied Margins." Current Position: University of N'Djamena, Chad.

Davis, Andrew. Summer 2014. "You Are That: An Upanishadic Approach to Empathic Writing Instruction In A High School Social Science Course.” Current Position: Peoria Central High School.

De Blasis, Shelley. Fall 2011. "Listening to Haunted Identities: A Pedagogy of Mourning for Rhetorical Education." New Mexico State University Carlsbad, Carlsbad, NM.

DeWitt, Scott. Summer 1992. "Hypertextualizing Composition Instruction: A Research Study." Current Position: The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

Dickerson, Chereka. Summer 2018. Writing Counternarratives: Authorizing the Black Woman's Autobiographical Voice by Reading Ntozake Shange's for Colored Girls as a Life Narrative.

Ding, Dan. Spring 1998. "Historical and Social Contexts for Scientific Writing and Use of Passive Voice: Toward an Undergraduate Science Literacy Course." Current Position: Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI.

Dion, Elaine. Fall 1992. "Integrating the Creative Processes of Published Authors into the Classroom: The Impact of Manuscript Study on Student Writing."

Dively, Ronda. Summer 1994. "Beyond Dualism: Writing and Responding to Religious Rhetoric in the Freshman Composition Classroom." Current Position: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Carbondale, IL.

Dobosiewicz, Ilona. Spring 1993. "Redefining Womanhood: Multiple Roles of Female Relationship in Jane Austen's Novels." Current Position: Opole University, Poland.

Dockter, Jason. Spring 2015. "No More Fictional Teachers: The Need for Multimodal Design in Online Writing Instruction.” Current Position: Lincoln Land Community College.

Dolgin, Steven. Spring 1987. "Creative Writing and the Composing Process: The Role of Creative Writing in the English Curriculum." Current Position: Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI.

Doubler, Janet. Spring 1987. "Literature and Composition: A Problem-Solving Approach to a Thematic Literature Course." Current Position: Illinois Central College, Peoria, IL.

Dozier, Kim. Summer 1998. "Reading Vietnam: Teaching Literature Using Historically-Situated Texts." Current Position: College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA.

Droll, Belinda. Summer 1987. "Teaching College Composition Freshmen to Structure Discourse: The Effects of Text Summarizing Versus Sentence Outlining." Current Position: Millikin University, Decatur, IL.

Dunbar, Katrina. Fall 2014. "What College Summit Can Teach Us About Preparing Students for Workplace Communication: A Study of Free-Writing and Motivational Feedback Strategies in Technical and Business Writing Classrooms.”

Dusenbery, Kathleen. Fall 2011."'I Am the Page of Words': How Cognitive Poetics Reveals Metaphor's Transformative Power." Illinois Central College, East Peoria, IL.

Duszynski, Tim. Spring 1981. "Writing Skills in Community College Vocational-Technical Programs: A Modified Delphi Application." Current Position: Newman University, Wichita, KS.

Dye, Rebecca. Spring 1993. "Reading for Personal Development: Implementation of Missouri's Mandate." Current Position: Culver-Stockton College, Canton,MO.


Edel, Ryan. Spring 2017. "Writing Mental Illness: The Cruel Optimism of the Depressed Parent."

Eggert, Amy Lynn. Fall 2013. "Writing Ugly: Inciting Dissonance and Discourse Through Trauma Narratives.” Current Position: Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

Ehlers-Zavala, Fabiola. Summer 1999. "Reading an Illustrated and Non-Illustrated Story: Dual Coding in the Foreign Language Classroom." Current Position: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Erickson, Bruce. Summer 2008. "Before Beyond: A Study of a Para-Pedagogy Which Uses Discovery and De-Mystification to Revisit First-Year College Composition." Current Position: Director of Program in Professional Writing, University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana, Urbana, IL.


Falcone, Joan. Spring 1992. "The Bonds of Sisterhood in Chicago Woman Writers: The Voice of Elia Wilkinson Peattie."

Fan, Jianping. Fall 2003. "Semiotics and Avertising." Current Position: Instructional Design Specialist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Fang, Zhihua. Summer 1993. "Twentieth Century Chinese and American Short Fiction: A Comparative Analysis." Current Position: Ohio Dominican University, Colombus, OH.

Felumlee, Matthew. Spring 2019. "Seeing Reading in First-Year Composition."

Fennick, Ruth. Summer 1991. "The Creative Processes of Prose-Fiction Writers: What They Suggest for Teaching Compositon." Illinois State University, Normal, IL. (Retired)

Fitzgerald, Devon. Summer 2008. "Intersections of the Self: Identity in the Boom of Social Media." Current Position: Millikin University, Decatur, IL.

Fleckenstein, Kristie. Summer 1989. "Connections: The Cognitive and Affective Links between Expressive Writing and Aesthetic Reading." Current Position: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.

Flint-Ferguson, Janis. Fall 1993. "Putting the Pieces Together: Designing a Language Arts Curriculum that Meets the Needs of the Young Adolescent." Current Position: Gordon College, Wenham, MA.

Flynn, James. Summer 1980. "Neo-Classical Invention: Four Principles for Contemporary Persuasive Discourse." South Suburban College, South Holland, IL.

Foehr, Regina. Summer 1989. "Using the Simple to Teach the Complex: Teaching College Students to Interpret Complex Literature and to Write Literary Analysis Essays through Fairy Tales and Children's Stories." Illinois State University, Normal, IL. (Retired)

Fongang, Delphine. Spring 2010. "Subjectivity, Community, and Borderland Discourse in Postcolonial Women's Life Writing." Current Position: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI.

Ford, Genevieve Larson. Fall 2012. "Authority, Artistry, and Authenticity: Memoirs by Children’s Authors.” Current Position: Utah State University-Eastern.

Frank, Gretchen. Summer 2014. "Disourses of the Nineteenth-Century Family: Reading British Victorian Women and Their Families Through Communicative Representation.” Current Position: Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH.

Frost, Erin. Summer 2013. "Theorizing an Apparent Feminism in Technical Communication." Current Position: East Carolina State University.


Gillam, Kenneth. Spring 2005. "Toward an Ecology of Revision: A Revision Model of Chaos and Cooperation." Current Position: Missouri State University, Springfield, MO.

Gillhouse, Elizabeth. Fall 2009. "Framing Eve: Contemporary Retellings of Biblical Women For Young People." Current Position: Illinois State University, Normal, IL.

Gomez Rodriguez, Luis Fernando. Fall 2012. "The Inclusion of Multicultural Literary Texts of the U.S. with the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language: A Pedagogical Convergence to Foster Learners’ Intercultural Communicative Competence." Current Position: Departmento de Lenguas Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Bogota Columbia.

Gorrell, Donna. Summer 1980. "Controlled Composition for Teaching Basic Writing to College Freshmen: A Comparison with Grammar Lessons." St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN. (Retired)

Goss, Melanie. Summer 2013. "Bodily Harm, Bodily Power: Representations of Self-Destruction in Young Adult Literature." Current Position: Savannah State University.

Gramegna, Lorenza. Fall 2007. "Problems of Coherence in EFL Students' Compositions." Current Position: Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, Italy.

Gray, Pennie. Spring 2014. "The Invisible Composition Classroom: The Reciprocity of Face, Identity, and Politeness." Current Position: Illinois Wesleyan University.

Greathouse, Stacy. Spring 2013. "Romancing the Tides: A Theory of the Literary Pirate in Children’s Literature."

Green, Melody Sharon. Spring 2008. "The Sacrifice of Sacrifice: The Motif of Sacrificial Death in Children's and Adolescent Fantasy." Current Position: Dean, Urbana Theological Seminary, Urbana, IL.

Gregory, Megan. Spring 2017. "Entangled Bodies in the Medieval World: Angle-Saxon Life Writing in Prefaces, Hagiography, and Letters."

Grettano, Teresa. Fall 2013. "Subjects of Terror: Rhetorical Education After 9/11." Current Position: University of Scranton.

Gulias, Max. Fall 2005. "It's Alive, It's Alive: Authorship as Late Capitalist Fetish." Current Position: Truman College, Chicago, IL.


Haas, Mark. Summer 1996. "Conversations in Context: A Genre-Based Pedagogy for Academic Writing." Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.

Halle, Craig Steven. Fall 2013. "Iffy the Crumbsnatcher.” Current Position: Illinois State University Publications Unit Director.

Hammontree, David. Summer 2007. "Teaching (The) Everyday: Social Cleavages, Cultural Attitudes, and Cognitive Dissonance in the Critical Classroom." Current Postion: Oakland University, Rochester MI.

Hantrakuil, Chanpen. Spring 1990. "English Tense and Aspect Usage in Controlled Written Discourse by Non-Native Speakers." Current Position: Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Harvey, Robert. Spring 1983."A Survey of the Research on the Composing Processes of Student Writers." East Central College, Union, MO. (Deceased)

Hatmaker, Elizabeth. Summer 2003. "Producing Desire/Desiring Production: Reconfiguring Creative Writing Pedagogy." Current Position: Illinois State University.

Hawley, Earl. Spring 1998. "Is There an Author (ity) in This Class: Gender and Resistance in the Composition Classroom." Current Position: College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL.

Henson, Darold Leigh. Spring 1982. "A Data-Based Pedagogy of Rhetoric for Lower-Division Technical Writing." Pekin Community High School, Pekin, IL (retired) and Missouri State University, Springfield, MO. (Retired)

Hercula, Sarah. Summer 2016. "Teaching Stigmatized Englishes Counteracting Linguistic Prejudice Using a Critical Pedagogical Approach to the Introductiory Linguistic Course."

Hicks, Amy. Spring 2015. "Playing at Crusoe: Gender, Place, and Identity in Girls' Robinsonades." Current Position: Bowling Green State University, OH.

Hill, Melvin. Fall 2009. "'The Singing of a Man': The Existential Dimensions in African American Thought and Historical Context." Current Position: University of Tennessee-Martin, Martin, TN.

Holmes, Ken. Spring 1989. "A Process Approach to Teaching Reading and Writing Using the Afro-American Short Story from Chesnutt to Hughes: A Secondary-School Guide for Instruction." Current Position: Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, IL.

Hoover, Jessica. Spring 2017. "(Re)Claiming History and Visibility Through Rhetorical Sovereignty: The Power of Diné Rhetorics in the Works of Laura Tohe."

Houssouba, Mohomodou. Summer 1998. "Teaching the Diaspora: Beyond Identity Politics." Current Position: Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Basel, Switzerland.


Ibrahim, Aisha. Spring 2006. "War's Other Voices: Testimonies by Sierra Leonean Women." Current Position: University of Sierra Leone, Africa.

Intarappawat, Puangpen. Spring 1988. "Metadiscourse in Native English Speakers' and ESL Students' Persuasive Essays." Current Position: Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand.


Jacques, Wesley. Summer 2020. "Minor Subjects: Power and Inequity in Children's and Adolescent Literature." Current Position: Wheaton College, MA.

Jakubiak, Katarzyna. Fall 2006. "Performing Translation: The Transnational Call-and-Response of African Diaspora Literature." Current Position: Millersville University, Millersville, PA.

Jarvis-Freeman, Billie. Fall 2011. "Issues of Being and Meaning as Critical Engagement: Pedagogical Application in the Works of George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, and Dorothy L. Sayers." Current Position: Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, IL.

Jensen, Kyle. Summer 2009. "A Counter-Proposal for Process: Toward the Development of Online Writing Archives." Current Position: University of North Texas, Denton, TX.

Jeyaraj, Joseph. Summer 2001. "Situatedness, Othering, and Rhetorical Authority in Technical and Professional Writing." Current Position: Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

Johnson, Carol. Spring 1985. "The Composing Processes of Six ESL Students." Current Position: Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA.

Johnston, Emily. Summer 2016. "Split Wounds Diverging Formations of Trauma in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A\and The Rat Laughed and Once Were Warriors." Current Position: University of Delaware, Newark, DE.

Jones, Caroline. Spring 2006. "Female Sexuality In Young Adult Literature." Current Positon: Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.

Jones, Kevin. Fall 1994. "Finding Jewels in the Awkward Mud: A Reconsideration of William Wantling and His Poetry." Current Position: Union Institute & University-Sacramento, Sacremento, CA.


Kaewnuch, Somsak. Summer 2008. "Teaching Agency and Power as Social: Creating Transformative Subjects in the Classes of Modernity and Postmodernity in Thai EFL Writing Classrooms." Current Position: Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Kamara, Samuel. Spring 2017. "Life Writing the Civil War of Sierra Leone: Appropriation, (Mis)Representation, and Erasure."

Keene, Nadene Coffin. Fall 1985. "Male/Female Language: A Stylistic Analysis of Freshman Compositions." Current Position: Indiana University-Kokomo, Kokomo IN.

Kim, Matthew. Fall 2014. "Using Writing Studio Pedagogy to Help Students Reclaim Their Disabilities and Sexualities in a High School Writers." Current Position: Eagle Hill High School, Hardwick, MA.

Kim, Seung Hwa. Fall 2011. "An Analysis of Written Discourse of North Korean Second Language Speakers of English: Its Linguistic Features and Their Discursive Functions with Prgmatic Implications."

Kima, Raogo. Spring 2006. "Feminist Intersections: Reading Louise Erdrich and Buchi Emecheta Within/Across Cultural Boundaries." Current Position: University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Klassen, Jonathan. Fall 2006. "Narrative Distancing in Literature for Youth." Current Position: Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Kleinfeld, Elizabeth. Fall 2006. "Dissonance and Excess: Four Students' Experiences of Revision in a Composition Classroom." Current Position: Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO.

Knutson, Debra. Spring 1997. "Metadiscourse and Composition Instruction in Three Textbooks: a Historical Perspective." Current Position: Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH.

Kumpf, Eric. Fall 2001. "Visual Rhetoric, Concurrent Discourses, and the Design of Student Engineering Documents." Current Position: Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

Kuykendall, Sue. Summer 1993. "The Subject of Feminist Literary Practices: Radical Pedagogical Alternatives (Teaching Subjects/Reading Novels)." Current Position: Parkland College, Champaign, IL.


Ladner-Mathis, Jocelyn. Summer 2004. "Performing the Word, Transforming the Word, Writing the Word: Alternative Teaching Strategies for Freshman Composition." Current Position: Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH.

Lamonica, Claire. Spring 1996. "Conflict and Creativity in Student Writing Groups: A Case Study Investigation." Current Position: Illinois State University, Normal, IL.

Lamore, Eric. Fall 2007. "The Early American Georigic: A Reassessment." Current Position: University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.

Larkin, Susan. Fall 2005. "Hear Me Whisper, Hear Me Roar: Life Writing, Literature for Children, and Laura Ingalls Wilder." Current Position: Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA.

Laudig, Amanda. Spring 2000. "The Pedagogical Triangle: Using Subjectivity as a Teaching and Learning Tool in the Introductory Literature Classroom." Current Position: Oakland University, Rochester MI.

Lee, Jamison. Summer 2014. "To Deer at Swim: A Defense of Off-Color Humor and the Trans/A/Gressive Aesthetic." Current Position: Northern Idaho College.

Leen Liebhart, Mary. Spring 1995. "Theories of Storytelling: Surviving the Gaps and Rhythms of Migration in the Gift of Homeplace." Current Position: Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM.

Lehner, Brooklyn. Fall 2013. "Why is there a Demon in the House? Reading and Fetishizing Bad Mothers.” Current Position: Delta College, MI.

Leonard, Marcellus. Spring 1991. "The Classroom Writers' Forum: Teaching Basic Writing in the Cultural Context." Current Position: University of Illinois-Springfield, Springfield, IL.

Levato, Francesco. Spring 2017. "Toward an Ethno-Material Practice in Appropriative Poetics."

Lind, Carol. Summer 2007. "Riddling in the Voices of Others: The Old English Exeter Book Riddles and a Pedagogy of the Anonymous." Current Position: Illinois State University, Normal, IL.

Littler, Francis. Summer 1987. "The Impact of the Gordon Rule on Student Writing in Florida Colleges and Universities." Current Position: Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton, FL

Lovelass, Stefanie. Spring 2014. "Why is there a Demon in the House? Reading and Fetishizing Bad Mothers.” Current Position: Danville Area Community College.

Lowe, Kelly. Fall 1995. "Matrices of Meaning: Postmodernism and Writing Program Design and Administration." Current Position: University of Mt. Union, Alliance, OH.

Ludwig, Jeffrey. Summer 2006. "Identity And Flux: American Literacy Modernism Of The 1920's & 1930's." Current Position: University of Denver, Denver, CO.

Luo, XiaoJun (Maggie). Fall 2015. "Living Between Dialectics: A Bakhtinian and Lacanian Reading of Asian-american Women's Autobiographies."

Lushia, Sarah. Fall 2010. "Seeing, Triple: Examining the Three Narratives at Work in Black American Women's Life Narrative Picture Books." Current Position: Lane Community College, Eugene, OR.


Mabrito, Mark. Summer 1989. "Writing Apprehension and Computer-Mediated Peer-Response Groups: A Case Study of Four High-and Four Low-Apprehensive Writers Communicating Face-to-Face versus Electronic Mail." Current Position: Purdue University-Calumet, Hammond, IN.

Maciel, Carla. Spring 2007. "Bantu Oral Narratives in the Training of EFL Teachers." Current Position: Pedagogical University of Mozambique, Mozambique

MacLean, John. Summer 2015. "Rhetorics of Engagement Across and About Faith and Worldview Difference." Current Position: ISU NTT.

Malkovich, Amberyl. Spring 2008. "The Imperfect Child: Romanticizing and Socializing the Victorian Child in the Works of Charles Dickens and His Children." Current Position: Concord University, Athens, WV.

Mallory, Devona. Spring 2008. "Struggle and Syncretism: Magical Realism as a Tool of Empowerment in Selected Women's Novels." Current Position: Albany State University, Albany, GA.

Mansito, Nicolas. Summer 2009. "Working Back Across the Hyphen: Fighting to Belong." Current Position: Broward College Central Campus, Davie, FL.

Manuel, Carlos. Summer 2009. "A Psychometric Study of Reading Processes in L2 Acquistion: Deploying Deep Processing to Push Learners' Discourse Toward Syntactic Processing-Based Constructions."

Marchant, Jenny. Summer 2003. "The Girl and the Green World: Annia Pratt's Model of Female Development as an Approach to Children's Animal Books." Current Position: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.

Marshall, David. Spring 2016. "The Embodiment and Performance of Complex Character Identity in Open World Computer Games, a Study of Simulation, Emergence and the Experience of Identity in a Cultural Studies Classroom."

Martin, Eric. Summer 1995. "Reconceiving the Voice-to-Style Relationship in Academic Discourse: A Study of Students' Initial Perceptions and Emerging Writing Practices." Current Position: Governor's State University, University Park, IL.

Martin, Michael. Spring 2002. "Struggling with the Language of Night: The Development and Applcation of a Postmodern Lens for the Teaching, Reading, and Interpretation of Holocaust Literature." Current Position: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX.

Martin, Michelle. Fall 1997. "Periods, Parody, and Polyphony: Ideology and Heteroglossia in Menstrual Education." Current Position: University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Mattson, Kyle. "Cultural Usability: New 'Contexts of Inquiry' in Technical Communication Pedagogy." 2010. Cureent Position: University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR.

Mays, Christopher Michael. Spring 2014. "Building Complexity, One Stability at a Time: Rethinking Stubborness in Public Rhetorics and Writing Studies.” Current Position: University of Nevada-Reno.

McCulley, Thomas, Spring 2013. "Judas Hole: Trauma and the Un/Making of an American Family." Current osition: Heartland Community College - Normal, IL.

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