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Eda Ozyesilpinar

Dr. Eda Ozyesilpinar
Office Hours
Tuesday, 1:00pm-2:00pm-or by appointment
Thursday, 1:00pm-2:00pm-or by appointment
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Eda Ozyesilpinar's research focuses on border and cultural rhetorics and investigates devaluation and dehumanization of rhetorics from and of non-Western cultures and their intersections with issues of ethics, identity, and social justice in visual-material culture, public spaces, and digital environments. Within the broader scope of her research, Ozyesilpinar performs rhetorical cartography and work with maps—in physical and digital forms—both as rhetorical-cultural texts and scientific-technical documents. Her work aims to explore ways to move beyond or away from the divisive force of borders/boundaries and explore meaningful ways to engage with non-Western voices, histories, and practices of meaning-making to humanize borders/boundaries. Her academic and creative work has appeared in The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics, Kairos, Rhetorics Change/Rhetoric’s Change, and Immediacy.”

Current Courses

391.001Ancient Rhetorics

491.001Ancient Rhetorics

299.001Independent Honor Study

591.006Practicum (Internship) In College Teaching

599.021Research And Dissertation

283.001Rhetorical Theory And Applications

121.001Texts & Contexts: Literary Studies

Teaching Interests & Areas

border rhetorics, rhetorical theory, ancient and contemporary rhetorics, comparative and cultural rhetorics, digital-cultural rhetorics

Research Interests & Areas

border rhetorics, rhetorical cartography and rhetorics of space/place, comparative and cultural rhetorics, non-Western rhetorics, digital rhetorics, rhetorical theory and histories of rhetorics (rhetorics of and from non-Western and underrepresented groups), feminist, postcolonial, and decolonial theories and methodologies

Ph D Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

MA Rhetoric and Composition

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, Texas

BA Turkish Language and Literature

Ege University
Izmir, Turkey

Career Advancement Research Grant

Special Interest Group in the Design of Communication (SIGDOC)

The Inaugural Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grants

Clemson University


Ozyesilpinar, Eda. "“Writing with Wild Tongues:Healing from Performative Diversity, Equity, and InclusionPractices” In Panel titledWriting Trauma and Violence: The Perils of Performative Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Promises Victoria Houser and Daphne-Tatiana T. Canlas, Conference on College Composition andCommunication, Chicago, IL, March 2022
Ozyesilpinar, Eda. “#TheRainbowCan’tBeCharged: LGBTQIA+ Activism for Change in Turkey and the RhetoricalWork of Bordering Dis-Connect” In Panel titledRhetorics of Dis/Connect: What Does ItMean to Take Charge for Change in Non-Western Publics with Sweta Baniya (PanelChair), Zhaozhe Wang, and Xiaobo Wang,Rhetoric Society of America Conference,Baltimore, MD,May 2022.
Ozyesilpinar, Eda. “Charging Femicides in Turkey: Violence, Rhetorical Borders, and Circulating a Movement ofChange #IstanbulConventionSavesLives” In Panel titledReproductive Violence: Charged by Religion, Changed by Rehtoric with Victoria Houser, and Cynthia Haynes (PanelChair),Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Baltimore, MD, May 2022